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How The Example Of Jesus Might Help Christians Facing Persecution Today

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How the Example of Jesus Might Help Christians Facing Persecution Today

The reason why Jesus is such a help to Christians facing persecution
is because he sets the ultimate example through being the virtuous son
of God by behaving in a manner that people could look up to. He was
intensely persecuted but also a very controlled person. I am now going
to analyze three of the stories in Mark's gospel which show that Jesus
wanted to inspire and ease the pain of persecuted Christians or things
he did that would set an example.

Mark 8: 34-38

In these verses, Jesus warns of the persecution that his followers
face, but instead of giving up for pain, one should "carry his cross"
and devote their life to helping others and spreading the word of the
Lord. (…" they must forget self and follow me!"). Jesus also warns of
the pursuit of money and material wealth saying how it can't buy you
your life, so you should therefore spend your life following Jesus and
making good use of the time you have on earth, so you will have
eternal life in heaven.

Also, Jesus speaks of strength of faith, saying how "If a person
is…holy angels." In saying this, Jesus means that you should be strong
in your being persecuted and not give up your faith to make your life
easier, because God would be ashamed of you.

So in these verses, Jesus says you must make sacrifices to follow him
and you must only ever have the strongest faith to be received
lovingly by God.

Mark 10: 29-31

In these verses Jesus describes the rewards one would receive for
following Jesus and God. He mentions that you would receive "a hundred
times more" of family, friends and land etc. then he had when he left
his previous family, friends and land etc. Jesus also mentions eternal
life, the reward of God for following his word.

Jesus also a kind of wealth based role reversal. "Those who are…be
first." He means that those who are poor in terms of material wealth
in this life will live in the greatest spiritual comfort in the next
and vice versa. Basically, do not worry about being imprisoned in this
world for you shall be free in God's kingdom.

Mark 13: 9-13

In these verses, Jesus talks about persecution directly, not shying
away from the issue of it. He says that you should not worry if you
are arrested because the Holy Spirit will protect you. Once again,
Jesus is saying how eternally strong faith will be rewarded with
eternally happy life after death.

The following passages I mention are Jesus actions that set an example
to Christians facing persecution.

Mark 14: 32-34

These verses are examples that...

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