How The First Three Scenes Foretell The Tragedy Of Macbeth

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How the First Three Scenes Foretell the Tragedy of Macbeth

Good versus evil, this is a theme most commonly explored in many
renowned literatures. Shakespeare has also used this oxymoron in his
very famous as well as tragic creation called – ‘Macbeth’. Along side
this theme there are other similar oxymorons explored such as natural
versus unnatural, murder, treason, destiny as well as betrayal.
Shakespeare has produced many other tragic tales just like ‘Macbeth’
such as ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Tempes’t and ‘Kings Lear.' Macbeth is the
male protagonist of the play. He is an honoured soldier for Scotland
who fights bravely to defend his King and country but his overly
ambitious desire to become King leads him to become an evil and
heartless being. Macbeth’s tragic tale starts with three dramatic
scenes, which will be explored in this essay, they are purposefully
set by William Shakespeare to decide Macbeth’s destiny through hints
and clues. The three scenes lead to Macbeth’s downfall in many ways,
some will be explained and analysed in this essay.

Macbeth is referred to in the very first scene of the first Act
although the audience do not actually encounter Macbeth himself. The
three weird witches who are considered to be evil and unnatural beings
at that time introduce the play by casting a spell that sets the play
in motion. The witches meet in a setting that has thunder and
lightening and then decide to meet Macbeth in these similar weather
conditions. The witches mention Macbeths name as they say “There to
meet with Macbeth.” The witches, by saying Macbeth’s name have
already decided that he will be their prey, their victim and by doing
this it gives the idea that Macbeth will be evil because soon he will
meet the three horrid, impure creatures of the dark. The fact that
the witches have a link with Macbeth shows that the audience have
received a clue that some thing tragic will happen to Macbeth, which
will lead to his downfall. This is because in the early 1600s witches
were seen as evil as well as supernatural creatures that only gave bad
tidings and curses. Also many were afraid to encounter such dark
beings in 1600s, as they did not want to be under their spell. In a
way the witches have weaved Macbeth’s destiny as they have decided on
the time, location and weather when they meet Macbeth. This shows
that the witches have supernatural ‘powers’ and can lead a man to his
death by misusing these ‘powers’ therefore this suggests that Macbeth
will ultimately become under the witches influence which will lead to
his downfall.

An oxy-moron has been used in Act 1 scene 1; the witches say “When the
battle’s lost and won.” This shows that the witches have prophesied
what is going to happen to Macbeth. This is because the witches could
be suggesting when they said...

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