How The Great Pyramid Was Real

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How The Great Pyramid Was Really Built To this day, the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt remains one of the seven wonders of the world. In fact, the Great Pyramid is the only surviving wonder of the world ("Wonders of the World"). The gigantic size of this pyramid can amaze almost all people who see this ancient monument. Many curious people stand in wonder at its base and try to imagine how it was constructed. Other people try to understand why the pyramid was even built.The Nile river became the center of all civilization in the arid desert of the Egyptian countryside.Nomadic hunters, ten to twenty thousand years ago, migrated to the Nile valley and Delta and there they developed agriculture and husbandry (Mendelssohn 15). The Nile river is Egypt's primary sources of fresh water.The water from the Nile was essential for the growth of agriculture in Egypt. As the agriculture grew, more people came to live in the area.Over the centuries each tribe organized their own customs, gods, and religious life. In ancient times, there are believed to be 42 provinces or nomes (Mendelssohn 15). Provinces and nomes are names for tribes."As time went on, some of the tribes formed groups and about six thousand years ago they had coalesced into two kingdoms, that of the valley, Upper Egypt, and that of the Delta, Lower Egypt" (Mendelssohn 15). Each kingdom made their own distinctive differences by choosing animals as their symbols. The king of Upper Egypt wore a white crown which was affixed to the head of its totem animal, the vulture (Mendelssohn 15). The king of lower Egypt wore red and carried the head of the cobra (Mendelssohn 15). When the kingdoms combined the crowns were combined, with the vulture and cobra heads side by side. By uniting the two kingdoms more people worshipped one king.From the beginning of humanity, there has been distinctive observations with the burial of the dead.The purpose of burial was not only for disposal of the body but for the preparation for its after- life. The Egyptians believed that in order for the soul to pass into the next life, the body must remain intact; hence, to preserve it, they developed the procedures of mummification ("Funeral Rites and Customs"). Tombs, temples, and statues had been built, constructed, molded, and painted to be worshipped by the Egyptians. Religious life coincided with every day life because the Egyptians believed life after death was eternal, and that the soul rested in the body of the dead, and that the soul traveled between earth and another world. Tombs provided houses for their souls to live. "It was designed to protect the body from the elements and from thieves who might try to steal the gold and precious objects placed in and around the coffin" (Taseos 11).At a time around 3124 B.C., King Khufu came to power in Egypt. He believed that at his death, he would become a god. He had the man power and knowledge at his hands to build a temple and stairway to the gods for himself. It is awe...

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