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How The Ideas Of Others Can Influence Teens

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How The Advice And Suggestions Of Others Can Influence Young People
Have you ever felt the desperate need to fit in with everyone else? Ever felt the need to please someone by taking their advice? Desperately wanted a certain item because it seems like it would majorly impact your life in a positive way? Did you feel that way because someone mentioned something about it to you? Maybe they gave you some advice? Suggested something? If you took that advice or suggestion, it means you’ve just been influenced.
A large majority of teens want to fit in and feel like they belong, but how far are they willing to go to fit in? The more they want to fit in the more likely they will be easily influenced by suggestions from others. During my second week of eighth grade, I felt like I wasn’t fitting in and that everyone was silently judging me and criticizing me. Of course now that I think about I don’t think anyone really cared about me, but I was more self-conscious about myself then. One day during lunch my friends and I sat next to a couple of girls who were known as the “popular” girls and I thought that maybe I would fit in more if I was friends with them. I spent the rest of that lunch hour trying to build up the courage to talk to them and at last minute I told the friendliest looking girl, that I loved her shirt and I asked her what store she bought it from. She told me that it was from Free People; she then gushed about the store and told me how everything there was amazing. She suggested that I should check it out sometime so I did. I, of course couldn’t wait to shop there. I told myself that if I shopped at Free People, I could maybe fit in with her and even be a part of the popular group. However there was just a small problem, Free people wasn’t exactly an affordable store to shop at. I didn’t want to give up though, I just had to shop there and fit in with everyone else. I just had to. So for the next week and a half I skipped my daily Starbucks, lunch, and going out just so that I would have enough money to shop there. After that dreadful week, I finally had the time to go check out Free People. Unfortunately I had enough money to buy only 2 tops. I feel so stupid now for going through all...

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