How The Irish Are Meeting The Challenge Of Human Resource Management.

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Discuss the extent to which Irish Organizations are meeting the challenge of Learning, Training and Development of their Human Resources.Examining the state of learning, training and development in Irish organisations requires an in-depth look at how companies are utilising their human resources to ensure that their HR strategy is aligned to their business strategies and that their people are as productive as possible.Using material drawn from a CIPD (Ireland) sponsored survey; this essay will examine five key pieces of evidence to put learning, training and development into perspective in Irish organisations.The key pieces of evidence drawn from the survey are categorised as the forces that trigger training among Irish organisations, the level of expenditure by Irish organisations on learning, training and development, the volume of training and development undertaken, the methods used to identify training needs analysis and the evaluation strategies employed by organisations.Using these measurements, the author will go on to argue that Irish organisations are beginning to meet the challenge facing them in regards to learning, training and development when compared with our neighbours in the UK.Looking at the top three forces which trigger learning, training and development, it is clear that Irish organisations are becoming under pressure to utilise their human resources. The top three forces are the effective utilisation of HR, a need to facilitate implementation of new technology and also to facilitate the development of organisational change.Another factor that requires examination, when looking at learning, training and development in org. is the level of expenditure on training in a company. Irish companies are not required to spend a minimum proportion of turnover on updating skills and knowledge of employees and they are not obliged to declare how much they spend on the training and development function. This can make it difficult to draw up statistics and there can also be a differing view as to what constitutes training and development. Some companies have a tendency to rely on informal training strategies and these are not always considered when it comes to adding up figures.The average spend is 3.85% of payroll. This figure is useful as it allows for comparison and illustrates trends in expenditure over time. It's worth comparing this figure with figures from the Trade Union Congress (TUC), which point to the fact that UK companies spend an average amount of 1.5% of their total payroll on training, which is considerably less than the 3.85% spent in Ireland.The volume of training and development undertaken by Irish companies reveals some interesting facts. The...

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