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How The New President Will Work With Congress

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How the New President Will Work with Congress

In recent history, many times, the political party of the president has not been accompanied by the same political party that controls congress. This creates a problem for the Presidents, because they are not able to enact policies that were promised to the American public while running for office. In the 2000 election, the American people have seen events that have never happened before in history. In fact, this election is making history, and it will be hard for the new president to get out of the spot light that this election has brought to the two candidates. Not only has the presidential election been close, but in addition the Senate seats and House of Representatives seats have been up for grabs. The senate is split fifty-fifty for the first time in history and the house is lead by Republicans, but only by nine seats. This is going to make it difficult for bills proposed by the president to become law. The President, whether it is George W. Bush Jr. or Al Gore, will face difficulties in office that no other president has encountered prior to this election. Either candidate will have trouble working with Congress because the House and Senate are split very closely between the Democratic and Republican parties. This will make every topic hotly debated with such a small majority. Tax cuts and Social Security are examples of issues that are going to be closely debated.
The intention of the founders of our nation was to make congress a more powerful body than the executive branch. The founders wanted a strong legislature, however there was a shift in power to the executive branch at the start of the twentieth century. The president gained much power during this time, due to World War One and Two, and the Cold War. During times of crisis, the head of state is looked upon to lead the nation. But this not what the founders wanted in the long run for the nation. "The constitutional framers would undoubtedly be disturbed by the shift to the presidentially centered government that characterizes the modern era"(Rimmerman). Since the end of the cold war the power has began to shift back towards congress.
During President Franklin D. Roosevelt's first two years in office, the government was not divided. Democrats controlled both branches of government. Roosevelt had proven what could happen if the president and congress are controlled by the same party. Even though it was a time of crisis, Roosevelt's first one hundred days were monumental. He passed bills, such as the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and developed agencies with ease because of the time period such as the Great Depression and the fact that the Democratic party controlled both the presidency and Congress. What Roosevelt did with the presidency and congress went along with what he had planned to do to help the nation recover from the Great Depression. The luxury...

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