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How The Use Of Corporal Punishment Can Affect A Child

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Corporal punishment is a method used to discipline someone by using physical force to inflict pain. Many parents are guilty of using physical force to discipline their children at least once in a child’s lifetime. Sometimes parents can get so caught up in being angry with the child that all they can think about is hitting the child to get the child to listen to them. This, however, may not be the best way to discipline a child. This essay will discuss the parenting styles that use corporal punishment, the negative effects of corporal punishment on children, how parents model the use of corporal punishment to their children, and how parents can positively discipline their children without using physical force.
There are many reasons why parents may use corporal punishment when disciplining a child instead of using other forms of discipline. Many parents who use corporal punishment are more likely to be unmarried, have more than one child fewer financial resources, and to report lower education attainment (Simons & Wurtele, 2010). All these factors can contribute to the use of physical punishment because they may not only add stress on the parents, but also since the parents do not have a higher education , they may not realize that there are other ways to punish a child or get them to listen without using physical force. Lee, Perron, Taylor, and Guterman (2011) suggested that parental stress, heavy alcohol use, and drug use are associated with increased use of corporal punishment. Not only is this because all these factors contribute to impulsive behaviors but also because drugs can lead to substance use disorders and can cause much parental stress. Many people who get drunk or use drugs may become so caught up in there world that when someone like a child is not doing what was asked of them or is making too
much noise, the parent, who is drunk or on drugs, may become frustrated with the child. The parent then may become so frustrated that he/she might then punish the child by causing physical harm because not only is the parent most likely not thinking straight, but may also not feel like dealing with the child. The combination of all these factors may lead parents to become frustrated with their child and use physical punishment instead of finding other ways to discipline a child (Fletcher, Walls, Cook, Madison, & Bridges, 2008).
Corporal punishment is used depending on the parents parenting style. The four parenting styles are authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and neglectful (Patterson, 2009). Authoritative is classified as high levels of both warmth and control. Authoritarian is classified as high levels of control and low levels of warmth. Permissive parents are parents who have high levels of warmth, but low levels of control and neglectful parents are those who have low levels of both warmth and control. One article stated that authoritative parents tend to negotiate instead of using corporal punishment...

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