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The Way To Penetrate Customers’ Minds For Old Spice Advertisement

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Old Spice print advertisements are incredibly popular in the modern society, due to their sensational and eye-catching graphics. Old Spice’s advertisements remarkably contributed to raising the Old spice corporation’s volume of the sales. According to his article “Hey, Old Spice Haters, Sales Up 107%,” David Griner, a reporter in Ad Week, states that the sales of Old spice jumped 107% in 52 weeks. This company’s tremendous strategies are worthy of an in-depth analysis since it is an unprecedented improvement. In addition to the sense of humor that the advertisement contains, the Old Spice Corporation has endeavored to incorporate the currently popular actor, and many connotations, based on a ...view middle of the document...

His facial expression is playful while showing his confidence. He looks quite satisfied with his deodorant. A sexy girl beside him seems to have a crush on him. This implicitly exploits the effects of celebrity endorsement: If famous people use a product, demand for the product often escalates. Consumers earn credibility of the product by assuming public figures are singularly knowledgeable about the product. Furthermore, consumers also believe that using the product makes them more fashionable and they feel closer to the famous people when they use the identical products. This effect influences the consumers’ buying decisions. That is to say, they buy the product even if they do not need it since a famous person uses it. (Hubbard and O’Brien 321). In this advertisement, the consumers feel that they are closer to the attractive NFL player by using the product, and they believe that their purchase to the product is a reasonable choice. Moreover, the consumers also assume that they will be attractive like the actor by using this product, and they feel confident to get a charming girl as the actor does. Old Spice Corporation exploits this belief by selecting the alluring actor and actress to achieve the consumers’ need for sex: people want to be “the center of much attention.” (Behrens and Rosen 544). The need for sex can be a catalyst for the burgeoning sales increase as many men would be tempted to be popular among girls by using its products.
To raise the sales of the product, the Old Spice Corporation also decided to accentuate the target audiences that are male consumers. Since the Old Spice Corporation launched a campaign “Smell like a man, man,” it intimately suggested that the consumer can smell like an attractive man by using the deodorant (Calling someone “man” is a casual way in the United States). This is largely because the corporation states a range of the customers, which reassure of the target audience. According to his article “Why is it important to define a target market for your business?” Michael Kaleikini, a business development consultant and founder of Business Refinement, LLC in Henderson, argues that properly circumscribing the target audience means not only improving the result of advertisement, but also cutting the amount of investing for advertisement. He mentions that “geographic, demographic and psychographic” factors are the mostly considered when a company seeks its target audience. (Kaleikini) Among those factors, the Old Spice Corporation pinpointed demographic factor, men regardless of their age, and enhanced the efficiency of its advertisement.
Americans appreciate a sense of humor. Franklin D. Roosevelt, one of the former presidents, mentioned “The...

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