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The Way We Are: The Divorce Rate Rising And Whether Or Not The "Family" Will Be Around Forever.

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It is true that the American family has changed drastically over the past century. In the past it was the man of the house who had all the power, and brought in the majority if the income. Now we see that trend fading out and the women making an equal contribution to the family. I think this is one of the contributing factors as to why we can say our families have "changed"I agree with the author here, she states "when families succeeded, it was often for reasons quite different than stereotypes about the past suggest-because they were flexible in their living arrangements" (Coontz, 1997, p. 377). I think this is so true, money does not necessarily bring happiness to the relationship. I am sure there are just as many wealthy people who end up divorced as people who are not as fortunate. I think it is possible to be poor or middle class and still be happy. This is where being happy with your family has to be important, because that might be the only think you have to be happy about. Sometimes you have to make those exceptions; not buy something you would love to have just to make ends meat. If families can do this, then it is very possible that they have the opportunity to beat the odds and keep the family alive. I also agree that there will never be a "golden age" no matter what the government does, we will always have welfare and people who are in poverty. No family will ever be able to protect their family from every misfortune this world is going to throw their way.Another problem that I see is when they say that the family or marriages more specifically, will not last. I think that marriage is very important factor in our society today. I don't think that one parent, whether male or female, can give a child everything it needs by itself. It has been proven that children who grow up in single parent homes have more social problems than children who are raised in a house with both parents present. I know that a lot of marriages end in divorce and I think this will always be the case, because people will not always make the right decisions about when they should be married. Some couples just rush into it too fast.Coontz also goes into detail about the rise in births to unmarried women. I agree with her points stating the many factors could be a "fall in maternal fertility" and also because married couple just decreased having children. (p 378). Another factor I can think of is just that we know don't always think about the consequences of our actions, and there are some men that just don't care. There are a lot of deadbeat fathers that just don't care whether they support there children or not and I...

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