The Way We Effect Others In Society

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The roles that people play in society are often affected by the way everyone interacts with each other. “All the worlds a stage”, a quote by William Shakespeare, fits well with this theme because in a plays script every action has a reaction. Every character is affected by another character at some point in time, a domino effect in a way. In the books The Great Gatsby and Of Mice and Men as well as the play Twelve Angry Men, every character is influenced by the other characters in there respectable stories. This is a direct example of cause and effect, what happens to one man will change another actions or thoughts.
In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby's “inheritance from ...view middle of the document...

The two main characters are Lenie and George, two young men traveling and looking for work. However, these two men have a few differences from other pairs of traveling friends. Lenie, who is a very large and strong man, has a mental deficiency. Though it is never clearly stated what is wrong with Lenie, it makes him act just as a young child would. Taking on the parental role in this duo, is George. The smaller of the two, the leader, the mentor. All these things could be used to describe the tragic hero in Of Mice and Men. Steinbeck makes it clear that George has completely given up his own life to take care of Lennie by having the character say such things as “if I was alone I could live so easy” (11). The novella is set to take place during the great depression, which plays a huge part on the fact that these two men are trying to find work, as “competition to find jobs was fierce”(Duncan Reith, N Pa). George has to take charge and make sure that Lennie can “keepa job”( Steinbeck, 11) to do this George essentially tells Lennie what to do, step by step. Though this task is tiring and repetitive George does it with love for his family friend, as in the end, he always does whats best for Lenie. Even if that means loosing his best friend forever. After Lenie kills the pup and Curly's unnamed wife, Lennie goes to the spot by the pond mentioned earlier in the story. George follows shortly after and takes the life of his partner knowing that if he let him go to jail Lennie would be mistreated for the rest of his life.
Much like in Stienbeck's Of Mice and Men the life of one person rests in the hands of others in Reginald Roses's Twelve Angry Men. This small three act play has perhaps the most outstanding showing of how our roles in society affect us. A nineteen year old boy stands on trial for the murder of his father who was stabbed in the chest with a pocket knife, faces a jury of twelve men. Almost all of theses men, whom are clean cut and well raised, have the same mindset of this unnamed boy. As Rose puts it, “he's [the nineteen year old boy] a product of a filthy neighborhood and a broken home” (21). These men, who have never met this boy believe that they are better than him just because of the difference of where they grew up, they think that the place...

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