"The Way We View The World Is Constantly Changes" "Sky High" By Hannah Roberts "Looking For Alibrandi" Directed By Kate Woods "My Father Began As A God" By Ian Mudie

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The way in which we view the world is always changing and to put it plainly, always will be changing. The outlook of the world in the eyes of an eighty year old is vastly different when compared to that of the world seen through the eyes of a six year old. This proves that our perspectives never stay permanent and is always changing. The main reason is most probably due to new experiences encountered in our life, knowledge or our level of maturity. This is shown in prose fiction text "Sky High" by Hannah Roberts, the film "Looking for Alibrandi" directed by Kate Woods and the poem "My Father Began As A God" by Ian Mudie.In the prose fiction text "Sky High" by Hannah Roberts. This text ...view middle of the document...

The use of non-linear narration makes the reader go backwards and forward between these to worlds, where in the present, the washing line is used to describe the adult persona which is "older, more aged warped". The adult persona find the world less entertaining then it once did as a child. The persona feels that it has to many responsibilities "it is unlikely the washing line could support me this time. There are too many things tying me to the ground" which suggest that the personas perspective has changed."Sky High" shows the responder a perfect example of how a washing line can be turned into an entertaining object for a child where it is seen as responsibilities as an adult. This shows that the way we view the world is constantly changing.In the coming of age film "Looking for Alibrandi" directed by Kate Woods. Shows the life of an outspoken teen during the last year of high school and the ways in which her perspective changes about many things in her world.In the beginning of the film Josie's perspective of her culture and her relationships is completely different compared to her perspectives at the end of the film.The opening scene of the film shows Josie's Italian family crushing up tomatoes; while we are watch we hear a voice over which fills the responder in on background information. During this time there is background music "Tintarella Di Luna" by Happylands which highlights how uncomfortable Josie is with her culture. During this voices over we hear an explanation of tomato day which shows the responder Josie's negative perspective towards her culture, when she describes it as "national wog day". When she is speaking we see a sepia wash over the screen which represent a older style movie buts also tell us that her relatives are living there life's in a different time period and place to her. When Josie's comes into the picture we see this wash disappeared which shows us that Josie's does not belong "this is where I come from but do I belong her" in the world of her relatives and shows the responder that she has a different perspective of her world compared to her family.Half way through this first scene she decides to head to the beach with her two friends for St Martha's. When this occurs she removes her apron which represents her throwing away her Italian culture and going and joining her Anglo friends which in her perspective seem normal.When Josie's meets her long lost love John Barton, who goes to an all boys private school, the director makes the scene slow down and uses an emotive song which clearly states Josie's intentions for him. While John Barton is stepping out of the bus we hear Josie say "there is always a slither of hope" which tell the responder that Josie's believes that John Barton has the perfect life and that he could make her complete.But by the end of the film the way Josie's see the world has completely distorted. Her perspective of her culture has completely changed, she is no longer self-conscious of her...

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