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The Ways Of A Savage In Modern Society : The Lord Of The Flies

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Visualize entering a tranquil world, seized from the everyday routines society goes through and existing in the middle of nowhere; a tropical oasis waiting to be exposed. Forget all of society's values, and constant pressure that occurs in the mind, and basically survive. After inspecting several reality television shows; for instance Survivor; many people forget the true experience of a survivor. Having no fire, no food, and staying sane; is a difficult task. The novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding possesses the true image of a modern survivor, and what it's like to have no electronic gadgets, and relying on old fashion basic values. It is evident that Pathetic Fallacy has an important role through Jack and his fellow tribe, where the island posses them, their chylosis is complete when they complete when they camouflage themselves with paint.The Lord of the Flies is a clear example of Pathetic Fallacy; it is the climax of the novel and the turning point. It represents savagery in each person on the island and the beast's danger and power. After all it is the title of the book. It wasn't created naturally, but by the boys. According to E. L. Epstein, "...'lord of the flies' is a translation of the Hebrew Ba'alzevuv (Beelzebub in Greek).It is also known to mean a mistranslation word for "Devil" (Internet 1). For a person to put an animal's head on a stick to represent a scarecrow, or an idle, is a person who has clearly forgotten the morals of society. To kill an animal is to survive, but putting a head and using it as an idle is just morally wrong. Jack shows this in the novel. "Sharpen a stick at both ends ...Jack held up the head and jammed the soft throat down on the pointed end of the stick which pierced through into the mouth. He stood back and the head hung there, a little blood dribbling down the stick" (Golding, 150). The Lord of The Flies also shows us the inner thought of some of the boys. It portrays how it can posses the mind, internally, by really doing nothing. A clear example of this is through Simon, a boy waiting to be opened up. "There isn't anyone to help you. Only me. And I'm the Beast . . . Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and kill! . . . You knew, didn't you? I'm part of you? Close, close, close! I'm the reason why it's no go? Why things are the way they are?" (Golding, 158) This quotation is a very important quote in the novel. At this point, readers understand the tragedy that is happening, and the falling denouement begins. Idea of the evil on the island being within the boys is central to the novel's exploration of human savagery. The Lord of the Flies identifies itself as the beast and acknowledges to Simon, that it exists within all human beings: "You knew, didn't you? I'm part of you?" The creature's language and bizarre appropriation of the boys' slang "I'm the reason why it's no go" (Golding, 158) makes the creature appear even more hideous and devilish. For he taunts Simon with the same...

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