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The Ways Of An Artist Essay

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Creating a story takes immense work. A writer cannot simply sit down one day and write an intricate and intense book. It takes time and intelligence to be able to write something that captures the imagination of the masses. Shakespeare is able to do this is an interesting and highly talented way. He is able to twist things around to where the audience has to think in order for the plays to make any sense. This is the best kind of writing because it encourages thought and logical strategy via the audience. Both of Shakespeare’s plays, Much Ado and Lear, have similar qualities, especially in the aspect of plot summaries. There are, however, obvious differences within each individual story. Thus, the following shall be a comparative and contrast type of look into the intricacies of plot development in Shakespeare’s plays, Much Ado About Nothing and King Lear.
In both Lear and Much Ado, there is a bastard son who is crucial to ruining everything. Both of them are bitter and do not want the title that they have. Both want to increase their rank and both are extremely jealous of their older brother’s, who are the true heirs to whatever fortunes their fathers have. In both stories, they are the plotters behind the evil plan that gets a lot of people hurt. Both plays have to involve some sort of secrecy and trick, as William Frost says about all drama, “Thus disguise has its roots in the very nature of drama, as distinguished from other literary forms.” (Frost). Also in both plays is a woman who gets slandered in some way. In Lear, the woman is King Lear's daughter, Cordelia, who loves her father very dearly, but gets banished because he chooses his other two flattering daughters over her. In Much Ado, the woman that gets slandered is Hero, a main character, who is about to get married to Claudio. She is scorned by Claudio, who believes that she has not been chaste. Both women are hurt tremendously.
By contrast, King Lear is a tragedy, while Much Ado is a comedy. King Lear is also filled with death, seeming to seep from around every corner. Much Ado, in comparison, has not one death in its pages. Also, while both women are scorned, only Cordelia dies. Hero has her honor insulted, but ultimately everything is righted and Hero gets married to Claudio, almost by accident. Claudio is also unique in that he is tricked into thinking that Hero is dead, and critics have responded oddly, as Jean Howard explains, “Consequently, critics have often thematized the play as being “about” truth, illusion , and how to live in a world of deceptive appearances.” (Howard) The wedding is planned by her father and we can see a weird dynamic happening, as Harry Berger says, "The state and ancientry of the wedding indicate the influence of the older generation, the father's interest in and control of the alliance that seals his daughter's future." (Berger). Also in contrast are the main protagonists. In Much Ado, though Don John plans to harm the marriage,...

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