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The Ways In Which The Different Characters In Macbeth React To The Murder Of Duncan

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The Ways in Which the Different Characters in Macbeth React to the Murder of Duncan

Macbeth is a play written by William Shakespeare, the passage of the
play which I will be speaking of is Act 2 scene 3, lines 42-144. In
this passage the King of Scotland, Duncan is brutally murdered by
Macbeth, who is a successful general and respected by the King. His
wife, Lady Macbeth, leads Macbeth to murder the King and he has been
told by three witches that he will be the next King of Scotland. After
Macbeth had finished leading Scotland to victory in battle he is named
as Thane of Cawdor by the King, in fact so pleased is Duncan with
Macbeth that he accepts Macbeth's invitation to spend a night in his
castle and dine with him. Lady Macbeth sees this as the perfect time
to eliminate the king for good so that Macbeth could be crowned King
of Scotland.

Macbeth has killed King Duncan and therefore he's in a mood of great
tension but is really trying to shake it off. The actor playing
Macbeth in the theatre would be sweating and fiddling around with his
hands, just generally acting very nervous and anxious. Macbeth is very
curt in his sentences and is speaking in pre-prepared proverbs; he's
just too tense and nervous to speak normally. William Shakespeare
normally wrote in verse, the sentences would contains ten syllables,
however Macbeth was speaking in stichomythia, this means that he was
breaking up the verses of ten syllables and instead was speaking in
verses of four and six syllables for example, this would then make the
ten syllable verse.

Macbeth slips up by saying that possibly King Duncan would not be
going anywhere when Macduff comes to collect him. When asked by Lennox
if the king was going anywhere that day, Macbeth replies, “ He Does-he
did appoint so”; Macbeth is saying that the King was going places that
day, well at least he said he was. When Lennox speaks about the storms
that happened on the night of the Kings murder Macbeth agrees with him
but again he’s very curt and just seems to be agreeing with Lennox for
the sake of it, not because that’s what he truly believes, “Twas a
rough night” is Macbeth’s reply. Here the characters are talking about
omens in nature, and in those days nature reflected events in the
human world, so the storms on the night of the Kings death were seen
as a bad omen. In another of Shakespeare’s plays, Julius Caesar, there
are also omens of nature when Caesar is killed. “A tempest dropping
fire”, the storm is described as so fierce that it had been dropping
fire. “Yesterday the bird of night did sit even as noon-day, upon the
market place Hooting and shrieking”, nobody would expect a nocturnal
bird like the owl to be hooting and shrieking at noon, this signified
that something terrible would happen later; the storm in Macbeth also
foretold that...

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