The Weakness In People Essay

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Throughout history, suicide has created a wide variety of feelings amongst people. As of today the topic of suicide has been questioned by many people who ponder to themselves if suicides is a necessary tool in order for society to strive. There are also many groups of religions and groups in society that believe in letting people kill themselves is immoral and they will find themselves in Hell or other places due to how it weakens the human as a whole. Many institutions of many religions, people of all sorts, and many others all now a day it have their own beliefs of suicide in which they have all come to a reasonable conclusion of sort. With that being said, the topic of assisted suicides originated from the topic of suicide, in which has created a major divide among the people as to whether or not it should be allowed. The way at which these people view assisted suicides it important in that it decreases the value of life. Life as we know it is very delicate in which there is a process that we all go through. We start with birth, simple, and death, complex. Death can be considered to be complex in that there are multiple ways to die, or somehow cheat the normal way of death. People either naturally die or they die with the help of somebody or by themselves. Either way death in itself is complicated. We can't all life forever, in which sometimes we become so sick that we just sit down waiting for our eventual demise, however sometimes it takes forever for use to die. Speeding up this natural death is what many people hope to accomplish through various methods. Through the help of the doctors, these patients take their own life or they resort to assisted suicides. Whenever there has been an option as to getting out of hard situations the easy way, we as a whole assume that taking the easier path is better in that it is less work. In relation to Assisted suicide, it is viewed that people who are sick will often turn to the doctors in order to end their suffering rather than living up to death.
When looking at as assisted suicides, it is a fact that in order for a patient to go through the process of assisted suicides, their condition must to the point that they will not be able to recover in order for the doctor to allow such a radical move to immediately end one's life. For the doctor to involuntary or voluntarily kill the patient, this patient has to be in the condition where there is a great amount of pain in which effect their life to the degree where they fall to the doctors to kill them. (In viewing the lecture given by Shelly Kagan, he describes one of the major principles of what decreases the value of life.) Patients feeling pain is one of the reasons why they decide to choose the easy way to die. When feeling immense pain, it truly epitomizes weakness that is within us. The more pain that we have results in how the more weakness that is being drained from us. From looking at that, these patients want to kill themselves not letting...

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