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The Internet Won't Put An End To The Diversity Of Style In Composition

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The Internet Won't Put an End to the Diversity of Style in Composition

From 1982, when the term “Internet” was first used, until today, over 520 million users have gained access to the Internet.[1] This gigantic leap in Internet usage suggests that in the coming years, even more people will be able to view material online. As more people continue to gain access, others will want to post their creations online with a greater frequency, allowing a wider range of viewers to see their work. Will this increase in compositions being made available on the Internet, however, lead to homogeneity of style? This is not at all the case. Assuming that diversity of style existed before the rise of the Internet, even as Internet usage continues to grow, the diversity of style in composition will continue to exist.

To begin with, what is style, and what are compositions? Webster’s Dictionary defines style as “manner of expression in language; characteristic manner of expression, design, etc. in any art, period, etc.”[2] To make things easier, this paper will simply say that style is the particular way that one expresses oneself. Compositions are creations, especially those of literary, musical, or artistic works. The last two terms are important to remember, as many of those claiming that diversity of style is ending pay attention only to compositions created on instant messengers and chat rooms, devices which are text-based.[3] For now, however, a concentration will be made upon a claim of homogeneity brought upon by the dominance of American culture.

Jonathan Rick asserts that “American culture has infiltrated even the most remote areas of the world.”[4] This contention cannot be denied. American cultural icons such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and MTV can be found all over the world, from Canada to China. America is without a doubt the dominant power in the world today. Rick also claims that the spread of the Internet all over the world has helped America attain this dominance, since a large amount of Internet users and web sites are American in origin. What Rick fails to realize, though, is that domination by one culture today does not necessarily imply homogeneity inspired by that culture tomorrow. For proof of this, all one needs to do is investigate the history of ancient Rome.

Two thousand years ago, the Roman Empire was unquestionably the dominant power in the world. Stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Sea, encompassing modern-day Britain and Egypt, this culture at its peak controlled over seventy-five percent of the world known at the time. As the Romans conquered new territories, they brought with them their culture. Latin, the language of the Romans, became the most prevalent spoken language in many parts of the world. If this homogeneity had continued, this paper would be written in Latin instead of English. While Latin undeniably influenced modern-day languages such as English, French, and Italian,...

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