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The Wedding Essay

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Teri Venhuizen
Dr. Milliken
WRT 206
The Wedding
Charlie looked around the room; he couldn’t believe that he was the best man for his good friend’s wedding. His good friend Steve looked so out of place in a suit instead of the fireman’s suit that they were accustomed to wearing. Charlie had met Steve five years ago when he had joined the department, and now was given the honor of being his best man. The toast had already been given and he could not take his eyes of the Bride’s cousin, Whitney he believes is her name.
She looked so breath taking sitting underneath the lace covered trees, sitting there so silently. ‘I have to talk to her.’ and with that thought in mind he strides over to ...view middle of the document...

Those people had never met his Aunt.
Good old Aunt Elizabeth, the only thing good about her is that was nowhere near him. She was the reason, even when he went to bars or public affairs he never drank alcohol. ‘I will never stoop down to that level’ he promised himself. His Aunt was a verbally abusive alcoholic and was one of the reasons his love for literature had developed.
The other reason was his early childhood, the night’s he spent with his parents. His parents loved to read and every night they would read a classic work such as “Goodbye, Columbus” by Philip Roth or a poet such as Dylan Thomas. The sound of his father’s low rumbling voice and the light, lyrical tone of his mother’s voice made him feel so warm, however after losing his parents at young age of seven, ever since he has enjoyed literature.
He thinks of Robert Frost every now and then when he thought about his life. The poem ‘The road not taken’ and how it has applied to his life. How there are two roads and how taking the one less traveled makes all the difference in the world. The days spent in the library with the time he spent on the basketball team, he was able to secure a scholarship. He was even offered a scholarship to Harvard. Instead he decided to pursue being a firefighter, which he was thankful because he would have never seen Whitney.
Steve had told him about his fiancées cousin after he noticed that he was interested in her. Whitney was 29 years old with a Masters in Childhood Psychology and was a top Psychologist. She was recently divorced, having caught her husband cheating on her with his secretary. With the way the sunlight reflected her dark hair, he couldn’t imagine someone wanting to cheat on someone like her.
She was short only 5’2 but with her heels she was around the average height of 5’6. He liked that about her, he felt that given the right chance he could be everything to her.
‘These feelings I have never felt before’ he thought to himself.
“May I have this dance?” he asked as he motioned over to the crowd of people dancing, his Welsh lilt in every nuance of the words he has spoken.
“Just one dance, okay Big Guy” she replied with a soft tone but a sharp look in her eyes.
Nodding he took her hand and led them out to the dance floor. He could feel her hands travel down his large frame, and then come back up to tangle them in his long hair. He could feel her lips as they touched briefly at his ear.
‘I could twirl her around the dance floor for the rest of my life’ he allowed himself to have this content thought. He felt her body stiffen as he heard her gasp. Looking to the side, he notices a man walking towards them who was not in the wedding.
The tall man wearing an Armani suit, with his short hair looking like he stepped out of the cover of GQ. Charlie was not impressed and did not like the way he was eyeing his dance partner.
“Let me handle this” he whispered into Whitney’s ear.
Feeling her nod as the man approached them and tapped on his...

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