The Wedding Date Essay

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Glancing up from his watch, Nick looked around the crowded room. People dancing, drinking; the cake; the bar; and a woman. She looked up, caught his eye. He took a sip of his drink, and involuntarily smiled.


“I hate weddings. They give a night under the illusion of romance, and it’s all perfect, until the morning, where you wake up, and it was all just a dream. None of it was real.”
“Exactly! The ambience, the wine, the people, the setting. It all works against you in the morning,” Nick agreed.
“Tell you what thought, tonight, let’s go along with it. Let’s have an amazing night, create a memory. A memory, that when we’re grey and old, we can look back on, and cherish. Life gives you all ...view middle of the document...

“I was hoping for one last dance,” Katie said.
Pulling his phone out, Nick started an orchestra performing a slow waltz. Together, they danced.
“Tell me your name,” Nick said.
Nick pulled back. “You know, there’s one little flaw in this plan of ours.”
“And what’s that?”
“I’m going to go home with a lot of fantastic memories tonight, but one really sucky memory: you walking out that door.”
The pain in Katie’s face was unmistakable, but in a moment, it was gone. “Hey Nick, close your eyes, and count to five.”
A look of bemusement later, Nick complied. With his eyes shut, the look on Katie’s face returned. She knew that this couldn’t happen.
“… Four…”


She was gone.


The next day, Nick awoke. He went out of his bedroom, into the apartment. “I had the best night last night,” Nick announced.
“I know, that cake!” Liam, Nick’s roommate, replied.
“Yeah, but seriously…” And Nick recounted the previous night.

“You idiot!” Liam proclaimed.
“Let me put it this way, last night, I had the best cake of my life,” Liam explained, “And am I going to be satisfied eating it just once? No. I am going to find out how to get my hands on some of that cake.”
“No. We had one night, and it was perfect. It’s a memory for us both.” And with that, he left for the kitchen. About three steps later, “Dammit, I need to find her again.”
“Right, well, what do you know?” Liam asked.
“Nothing. Her first name, Katie. That’s it.”
“Well, Richard and Grace’ll know. Oh, and ask them about the cake.”

After the disappointing phone call, Nick explained to Liam that Grace had hung up on him after saying there was no one on the guest list called Katie. “I guess we should have thought that they’d be on the way for their Honeymoon by now,” Nick realised foolishly.
“Maybe she used a second fake name. How about the bridesmaids? Surely they’ll know her,” Liam suggested, “I...

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