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The Weight Of The World On Your Shoulders…For 3 Sets

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When one enters the gym; past the front desk, beyond the treadmills, away from the pools and basketball courts we see the heart and soul of the gym. The loud cluttering of dumbbells dropping, throbbing screams and powerful grunts define this area. Here is where any avid weightlifters destiny is formed. There are only two paths to take on the journey, and the roads they lead to couldn’t be any more diverse. One path leads to a physique defined beyond measure, where every muscle is visible along with the segments within them. This is the fitness model look, made of lean muscle. The other path leads to a physique hulking with muscle. Here the person is monstrous in proportion, since the ...view middle of the document...

He chases after the pain, the soreness and to lift more and more each time. Here the muscles are forced to grow, or die. It will grow.
These two body types have different routines, but share the same dedication in the gym that they must also share it outside of it.
Outside the gym, these two must have strict diet plans to follow. Many people believe that 10% of the work is done in the gym, while the other 90% in the kitchen. They both have this in common. They must be on a diet plan to reach their goals. Both are filled with meats and protein, but the calorie count is what will separate them. The lean muscle body will eat with a caloric limit for each day. They will cut out fats and sugars as this will cause fat on their body. They want very low body fat so that they keep the definition in their body. The muscle mass body type will eat much more. They usually have no limit to how much they should eat. 6 large meals a day is about the average. They fill themselves with meats, fats and carbs. It all goes to the same body and is expanded into energy or muscle. They tend to have high body fat percentages since they focus on size of muscles over definitions. These two both share a strict diet plan, but are nothing alike when their diets are compared. That’s where the outcome shows.
These two gym giants have gone through different paths and have gained different attributed because of it. Their results are astonishing compared to the average person, but how will they hold up compared to them? The lean muscle body is much smaller is...

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