The Weight Of The World: Overpoluation On Planet Earth

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According to the World census, as of 2012 there are seven billion people on planet Earth. Currently the weight of the population is relatively close to 300 million tons. All seven billion are contributing to an ever evolving world such as: technologically, medically, socially, and economically. Unfortunately having such luxuries at our fingertips it is only natural to take things like electricity and even water for granted, we are not looking at what will happen in the long run as a result of everyone using these things at their own personal leeway. In some places birth rates are very high as it is in Africa, which has the highest birth rates in the world, mostly due to lack of family planning knowledge and safe sex awareness. Interestingly, the growth from six to seven billion people things have actually slowed a bit, but that doesn't mean they won't pick back up again maybe very soon. And with that fact some argue that overpopulation and over depletion of natural resources won't be a big issue in the future. But the bigger question we seem to be facing is whether or not humanity really wants to risk this issue based on the few reporters and scientist that say so? In order to be successful we are going have to take various precautions and steps in order to preserve our natural resources we rely on such as incentives or rewards to families to keep our population from spiraling to a number that we can't control or sustain.
The needed number of children women need to have in order to sustain a reasonable and manageable population is 2.1 live births per woman. Currently, there are many countries including the U.S, that exceed that level of sustainability. On the contrary in many European countries the birth rate is declining. Research shows the birth rate in Europe from 2005 to 2010 was 1.53 live births per woman. The only thing keeping the population in Europe from shrinking down to nothing is immigration. In fact according to Lisa Haven, author or the article Overpopulation: Not a Problem Not Now and Never Will Be fertility “rates are rising, abortions are skyrocketing, contraception are in high demand, we are eating sterilizing foods, and drinking fluoride water, which are all preventing us from any major population growth. Eventually we’ll enter a new paradigm in which the elderly outnumber the younger.” Now, just because one part of the worlds population is smaller than it really needs to be, does not by any stretch of the imagination mean that we shouldn't take any precautions due to the abundant number of places that do exceed the sustainable birth rate. Often times where birth rates are high it seems that death rates are low due to those countries being wealthier and have better advances in medicine.
In the case of the ever growing population and the depleting supply of natural resources, precautions and certain measures will need to be taken as well. Advances toward alternate fuel sources are being made every day, such as: electric...

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