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The Weimar Republic first began after the devastation Germany experienced in World War 1. Germany needed an organized government to recover money, land, and respect from the other European countries. The Weimar Republic proved to be the answer, and although it first came under intense dislike and scrutiny, it later led Germany into economic prosper. Although it overcame one crisis, it could not survive the second crisis encountered in 1929.
The population’s intense dislike for the system led to the crisis the Weimar Republic experienced from 1919-1923. It sprouted from the Weimar’s acceptance of the Treaty of Versailles and the loss of money, land, and goods. They faced left and right wing rebellions and terrorist acts, public disapproval, hyperinflation, communist opposition, and Kapp Putsch. Kapp Putsch came to be one of the more prominent acts put into action by right-wing extremists. 5000 troops captured Berlin and enacted a right-wing extremist as chancellor, causing the national government to flee and call for a strike. Fortunately, the strike further crippled the economy and the regime only lasted for a few days. Although the new Weimar Republic faced fierce opposition, it survived the first crisis mainly due to the fact that the opposing parties were small, disorganized, and disjointed. Proportional representation ensured that no party gained too much power, and the public really had to accept the government since no other parties could provide strong leadership or gain support from more than a few followers. The country was in such bad shape that the general population realized that the only way to move forward was the support of the Weimar Republic.
After about 10 years, a new crisis completely threw the system into turmoil, eventually destroying it. It began with the stock market crash in the United States. Since Germany was so dependent on the...

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