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'the Weimar Republic Was A Failure.' Evaluate The Accuracy Of This Statement With Reference To Events And Individuals.

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It would be wrong for the Weimar Republic to be deemed a total failure. Although the Republic did fail in its attempt to maintain a democratic government when the Nazi's came to power in 1933, it cannot be forgotten that the republic instilled a period of relative stability from 1924 to 1929. During this time the Weimar Republic was able to stabilise the economy, politics and international relations and it entered Germany into the League of Nations. There were a number of reasons both political and economical as to why the Weimar Republic failed in 1933. The Weimar constitution had a flaw which was Article 48 which could be abused by the head of state, this along with the 'system of proportionate representation', the death of Stresemann and the political prowess of Hitler led to the downfall of the Weimar Republic. Also economical factors such as reparations, hyperinflation and the great depression had a considerable impact on the Republic and the people's opinion towards the Republic.The Weimar Republic was able to guide Germany through the initial years of chaos after the end of the war and from 1924 to 1929 Germany was relatively stable. The Republic had combated the crisis hyperinflation had created, and while still battling with reparations, Germany was once again economically stable. However as Germany would soon find out with the onset of the depression, this economic stability was built on false grounds as Germany had used short-term loans to fund long-term investments.Germany was fairly politically stable in the years from 1924 to 1929; the coalition of the democratic parties held a majority in the Reichstag in 1924 and was able to maintain this in the 1928 election. Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg had been appointed President in 1925 and he was a popular choice. Hindenburg was a celebrated war hero and had come in to replace the 'November Criminal' Ebert, which added to his popularity.International relations had been improved with the Treaty of Rapallo with Russia allowing German military training facilities and industrial companies to be operated in Russian soil. The Treaty of Locarno was also signed with France guaranteeing German borders which was also a significant progress in international relations with France. Another major advance for German international relations was its admission to the League of Nations in 1926 as this gave Germany an added voice in world affairs and a forum from which Germany could seek to settle other German grievances.German culture was thriving in these years and things were looking up for Germany. Literature, architecture and modern art prospered during this period with its new innovative and experimental design. German theatre and cinema flourished and in the field of cinema Berlin became a world leader. German was also making mass advances in science and technology especially with big improvements in the fields of communications and transport. This time of stability must be recognised as one of the...

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