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On one hand, you have a black South African servant girl having to be willing to let this white farm boy,” baasie” (little master) kill her baby girl after a childhood of friendship which developed into an intimate relationship. On the other you have a church filled with individuals claiming to practice God’s word, but have them push another human being out on the cold street when all she wants to do was worship in the warmth. Both of the short stories shared a common ground of racism, but the authors had a different way of illustrating this to their audience. I had one that was direct with pointing out the facts of how a young love was formed over the years and the other used symbols and other gestures to help express the tone and show the setting of the story.
I really enjoyed both of the writer’s styles. We all understand that racism comes in all different shapes and sizes and these story touches on a few things. Having “The Welcome Table” begin with a poem that expressed what the theme of the story was genius. I have never seen an author do something like this before. So it had you thinking as soon as you sat down with the story. The poem sets the tone showing you that you would be sitting amongst others that should be welcomed and you should have a carefree attitude while you with your host and others. So the analyzing process starts right away. This story was very poetic in a sense. The form that it was written you have to look into the symbols and form a conclusion on what the hidden message may be. I feel as if I read it over and over I will continually discover something new. This was a new constructive way I was introduced to for a short story.
On the other hand “Country Lovers”, was more along the typical form that some authors are accustomed to using. I still enjoyed this type of writing style in the third person point of view. I am not sure if I agree with that helping the audience keep a neutral point of view for either character. Once you begin to relate to a situation you have a tendency to choose who is wrong or who is right. In this story they made it very clear that this young black servant girl was poor and the young white boy had a better lifestyle from her. Paulus was the dominant person his choice where they hung out, spoke most of the time as Thebedi had to follow his lead. This was some of the examples that were used in this story. Even when the author showed how Thebedi had no choice but to marry Njabulo because she knew how it was looking bad upon if she had a child and no father. Thebedi thinking she would be about to hide the birth of a child by just getting married and having her child two months later also was a symbol of how uneducated and unfortunate she must have been. The author did a great job of showing the different social setting they both were from. This helped to show the setting of the environment and era they lived in. Displayed what the folk’s mindset was like in order for people to let Paulus get...

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