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The Welfare Programs And The Economy In The United States

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Small businesses are contrived to give all of their employees health care due to Medicare. Through the terms of ObamaCare, small businesses are compelled into closing their doors because of all the hand outs they have to get to their employees. When small business begin to become more successful and make more money, Medicare takes their profits away and gives it to people who don't really need it. ObamaCare and Medicare have both taught ignorant Americans to not get a job because they can get the same amount of money in the form of a hand out instead of actually working for it and contributing to the economy. The tax breaks for small firms and other factors are reliant by how much small ...view middle of the document...

Throughout the years of 2009 and 2012, there has been almost five million people who have enlisted for the benefits of those who are disabled. There were about two million new jobs designed, as well between 2009 and 2012. In 2007, was when the most current economic decline was introduced. Even when the U.S. is weakening, ObamaCare will diminish the labor force size even more. It's odd that intelligent people let welfare systems run as they do; state representatives should change these systems and make better systems the encourage good parenting (Welfare, SSI Systems Are Being Abused by Irresponsible Parents). State representatives should be working on chaining the welfare system and how it operates. There are a great deal of people who are on the welfare program. There are so many people that have welfare, that it would be very difficult to give them all jobs. If people could be responsible for their own children, welfare wouldn't even be needed. "Welfare is hurting society as well. People would rather have another baby than give up their welfare and go to work." (Welfare, SSI Systems Are Being Abused by Irresponsible Parents). People don't want to work, they just want handouts to pass by in life. Medicaid disposals grew by about 100.2% throughout the years past. Poverty will only get worse with ObamaCare continuing to exist. Essentially, ObamaCare is corrupting society. This displays how careless the government is about money in society.

There are so many people who cannot open their eyes to see the destruction caused by social welfare. The government is truly paying people to not work. Thousands of people have realized that if they keep having children over and over again, they never have to work a day in their life. Through ObamaCare, those kind of people get paid a lot of money to sit around and have kids all the time. There are also people who can choose to have a job that pays less than another into get a monthly welfare check. It's surprising that people are so oblivious to the fact of how the government is waste good tax dollars. "A Pennsylvania single mother with 2 kids is better off earning less than $29,000 and receiving government aid than she is working a higher-paying job and receiving fewer benefits. In essence, the U.S. government pays that single mom not to work."(U.S. Welfare System Penalizes Low-Wag Workers for Attaining High-Paying Jobs-Wealth Cycles Article) In a way, the welfare system is paying people to not work. Schools in the U.S. are being closed due to parents being irresponsible and not paying their taxes. People are paid to have more children which is causing taxpayers to go into poverty. "Individuals and families will actually benefit more by working less because additional earnings could cause them to lose thousands of dollars in taxpayer funded subsidies." (How ObamaCare Undermines American Values: Penalizing Work, Marriage, Citizenship, and the Disabled). Some people profit more from not working. Children...

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