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The Well Essay

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Tom, William, George and Henry were on their way back from school. They had all done the walk many times, but talking to each other enthusiastically, they had found themselves lost outside a wood with a sign outside saying 'Haunted! Enter at your own peril'. They stared a the sign for ages until Tom spoke loudly "It's probably a joke that someone had put there to scare kids."The others were not as gullible. They were all now gaping at the dark trees reaching the clouds, mist swirling among the vast roots bulging out of the soil. George broke the silence "I know this wood. My uncle once talked about it. He said ...""... That you hear a scream and a splash," William said. He often finished his twin's sentences. Just then they were all silent again, listening to see whether what William had said was true. They heard it. An ear piercing scream, which got quieter and quieter and suddenly a great splash, the type of splash when you jump into a deep swimming pool. George looked confused, William seemed excited, Henry was nervous while Tom, who was usually brave, started to run, and the others followed, finding it hard to keep up with the fastest boy in school.Tom was the eldest of the four and was very much the leader. He was tall with dark hair and was fairly skinny. He was quite the opposite of George who was plump, blonde (in both hair colour and stupidity) and rather short. William and George were non identical twins, as they looked so different they could have been from other countries, though they got on well with each other. Henry Smith was significantly the outsider. His parents had divorced and he had gone to live with his mother. Henry's mother had recently died of leukaemia hence Henry went to live with his father. Henry had always been afraid of his father, who had dark empty eyes and was slightly mysterious at times. Henry's father - Simon - had a grandfather to whom Henry was named after. The grandfather was a well-known black smith who disappeared curiously 100 years ago, to this day. (Some say that a highwayman had something to do with it?). Henry had always thought that his surname had come from his great-grandfather, which was believable given that his surname was Smith.When they finally got onto the path they knew, the boys decided to go to William and George's house for supper and to secretly discus what had happened earlier. The twin's mother was surprised to see them back so late, but didn't mind much and was pleased to see the other boys. (The four of them frequently go to each other's house as they lived on the same road and were best friends). They raced up to George's room, sat down and whispered.Tom, who had gained confidence since the scream and splash said, "I can't believe it, I mean I wasn't the only one who heard it, was I?" "No, I heard it," answered William. There was a murmur of agreement and then silence again. "I have just had a brilliant idea. Well, we are always looking for an adventure aren't we?" Tom didn't wait...

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