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The Well Adjusted Education Essay

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One of the most critical assets to society is the next generation. With the modern public education system the question of how to help prepare them for their roles is paramount. There has been a shift towards using and emphasizing collections of standards to measure the progress of students. Such intense focus on these programs, such as Common Core in the United States, promote a one-size fits all style of teaching. This prevents teachers from being effective in meeting the needs of individuals with unique needs, as well as focuses teaching children facts over thinking skills. Thus, a standards-based educational model should not be exclusively used in tracking the progress of students through school. To really maximize the benefit to students and society, teachers must first be able to adapt to the needs of their pupils and second teach them how to learn and analyze on their own.
Not everyone learns in quite the same way. Even considering this, not everyone has the same objective as part of their time through schools. Teachers must not be tied down by strict standards on what they must teach, the order and pacing. Rather, they must adapt and individualize their lesson plans for every student. While most of the civilized world is moving towards tighter standards, Finland manages to stand out as one that holds to a system with few, loose standards. With the guidelines given to teachers, they are expected to use the remaining flexibility to focus on the students they know best. They give specific attention to the concepts that need extra emphasis, rather than clipping them to a restrictive pace (Hancock.) The evidence that this can result in quality education is clear, in 2009 Finland was ranked within the top 10 worldwide in science, math and reading proficiency. This shows that stringent standards are not necessary to get a world-class education. It...

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