The Quality Of Life Of Chronically Ill Adolescents

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Introduction: According to Marks (2002), chronic illnesses (CIs) are diseases that are persistent, rarely cured completely and are not spontaneously resolved. Some examples of chronic diseases (CDs) are asthma, severe allergies, seizures, diabetes mellitus, autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure, HIV/AIDS, sickle cell anemia and cancer (Wikipedia, 2011). Different chronic illnesses have different adverse effects; however, chronic diseases generally affect adolescent population as it makes them vulnerable to their environment and to the demands of society. This paper aims to address the quality of life of chronically ill adolescents (CIAs) as they live with their diseases. Specifically, the discussion in this paper will focus on the following: social isolation and risk for poor education. Furthermore, some interventions that may be used to aid them in their challenges will be discussed in this paper.
Discussion: Adolescents with CDs are facing challenges other than combating their illness. First, CIAs are more vulnerable to other health risk issues because they are prone to social isolation. Social isolation may lead to other health issues like depression. According to Ursula Holley (2007), involuntary social isolation is loneliness which is then described as a “condition that is distressing, depressing, feelings of detachment that a person endures when there is emptiness in their life dues to an unfulfilled social or emotional life.” Social isolation is an unfathomable reality for chronically ill people because they are often limited by their illness and are excluded by society. Social support networks (SSNs) is an important aspect of life especially for the CIAs as their SSNs could help them alleviate their difficulty in their health situation; however, their decreased mobility, fatigue, and pain often limit their chances for social interactions (Holley, 2007). For example, in a case study about Amy, a 16-year-old girl with muscular dystrophy (MD), the most debilitating aspect of her MD is her impaired mobility, (Lineham, 2010). As she was placed under full care order by social services, she was unhappy in her new residence and had limited contact with her family. Amy noted that she had recurrent problems in forming appropriate social relationships (Lineham, 2010). Her immobility due to her CI led her to be placed in an environment where she had limited social interaction. Also, other adolescents with CIs such as asthma, diabetes and allergies may also suffer social isolation because their medical condition prohibits them from engaging in regular teen-age activities such as sports, dance and/or filed trips where they may interact with their age group. CIAs are at a greater risk for other health issues because a person who is living with no social contacts and comfort may suffer serious consequences in their life and health (Holley, 2007).
Moving on, CIAs are also at risk for poor education because adolescents with CIs that are attending...

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