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The West And Unorganized Territory In America

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This essay was assigned by my history teacher. The purpose of the essay was to give a personal experience as seen from the 1st person point of view of someone going through the new Western Territory. Very descriptive: talks about Michigan, Oregon, Mexico, and areas along the Mississippi River which were newly annexed.-----------------------------------------------------------The West and Unorganized TerritoryThroughout the Unorganized Territory there is a great diversity of people than can be found. They vary from English settlers, Native Americans and even Mexicans. As you move far southwest in the regions of Mexico there is a great amount Mexican civilizations. Most of their developed cities are named after Mexican and Native Americans. After the Native Americans were forced from their homeland, east of the Mississippi River they were obligated to move on west and start over. Slowly and slowly they were pushed further and further away making them settle in areas far west naming their cities after their famous ancestors. If you move up to the areas of Oregon you can see a few different types of people. Some British and even some Canadians coming down to fur trap. As we explored all the way to the coast of California, we recorded all the possible resources along the way. There is a tremendous amount of usefulness out there. The mountains hold large amounts of natural resources. Also gold and other mining operations are slowly becoming more popular and demanded. As you move to the Oregon Territory you'll see it is a very mountainous place inhabiting many fills and tabletops. The great amount of trees is a huge start for the lumber industry. Also fishing the coast and rivers would most likely prove to be a huge cash increase. In the Unorganized Territory there are flat plains where grazing livestock would inevitably make everyone rich. The Michigan Territory has great potential with the Great Lakes. Over...

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