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The West Wing: Characters And Political Sphere

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Men are also presented strongly and reserved, not losing their temper, while at the beginning of the episode the character Mandy was introduced as being a lunatic. She almost runs over men in a park, and yelling at them furiously. Mandy drives onto the sidewalk to get as close to the three males in suits, standing up in her convertible car while driving. These actions show females as losing their temper and control, while the male client she confronts remains calm and in control. He ends up taking control over the situation by telling her to calm down forcefully and states “Listen to me”, Mandy follows suit. He keeps the power, Mandy is seen as powerless, even though she put all her effort in letting him run for president, and he makes a different choice and becomes a client of the President’s office. This then leads to Mandy and her partner jobless with no clients and in debt. This could emphases that females are only successful in the political world when they follow the “traditional” roles for females. Mandy choose to start her own business with another female friend, they resulted at the very bottom. The most successful female portrayed in this episode is C.J. who is given a “traditional” role for a female, according to a male’s ideal, where the females assist the male figures. C.J. followed the “traditional” ideals of being part of the political sphere.
According to Hungerford, she believes that males are the only option for the role of the President. The masculine traits withhold the proper traits for the president to have, the control, power, and leadership skills to run a country (56). Even though women have broken through barriers, I think it will take some time for women to enter into these high status roles in the workforce.
The next topic I would like to tackle is race in the political sphere in relation to The West Wing. In the Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc episode the majority of race existing in the show was Caucasian characters. There were few characters with different ethnicities within this episode. The characters of different ethnicities are Morris and Daisy who is of African American descent and Cathy who is of Asian descent. Morris is given a title of being a Navy Officer, and must have some training in medical fields because he is the President’s personal health inspector. During the scene there is a segment where the Morris is analyzing the President’s health status, the President is seen as being able to be more down to earth with Morris, more of a friend relationship. He shows this by expressing what he is dealing with politically, how he feels currently with everything he is struggling with, and is able to communicate his true feelings, by being honest. I would say that he portrays being honest, by having a relaxed setting and expressing undisclosed information that is only known in the political office. Morris is represented as being easy going, listening and responding honestly to the President, by not showing signs of...

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