The Westing Game Review

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A two million dollar legacy: one strange game for 16 players. Mr. Westing tried to put everyone into his trick. Mr. Westing, the guy who has millions of dollar but no one can share with him. His building-sunset tower has been rent for 16 people, which are a family, a doctor, a judge, a secretary, and a thief. One day, they found the dead body of Mr. Westing in his old house. Westing’s legacy said he would give two million dollar to the person who found the murder. He said he was murder by one of his inheritor. A suspenseful game began.
The main charter is a twin tail hair girl, Tabitha-Ruth "Turtle" Wexler found all the keys of this game. This novel is based on this smart girl to ...view middle of the document...

Such as the plot that people accept to play the game very easy: “The players protected their clues more carefully now. Hunched over the tables, they moved the paper squares this way and that way, mumbling and grumbling. The murderer’s name must be there, somewhere.” Until here, all family member were participate this weird game. (Ellen Raskin 1978) People not doubt much, is it money has that power catch people’s heart? Even they were some adults in the game?
This is a controversy novel; some people say this is not a child. Because they think there are too much charters make kids confusing. Some people say it is good children’s book, because it teach children how to love their family, friends, and teach children how to think out of the box. For my opinion, I think the Westing gam is a very useful book for kids. Because, writer use a young girl-Turtle’s to be a main charter play this game. Thought her perspective reader can see what other charters, like a child. Children more prefer to read the book which has a same age main charter, they feel like they become the main charter Turtle and playing the Westing game. But I don’t think this is a good detective novel, because writer want reader think more about why Mr. Westing created this game, and how the game change those charters. Writer use a lot of words to...

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