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The Wetlands Anzali, Boojagh And Miyankaleh Conservation Prioritization

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This research has been done for the performance of the rapid assessment method in 3 wetlands, Anzali, Boojagh and Miyankaleh, for the first time in Iran. In this research compilation of Caspian Rapid Assessment Method (CRAM) has been done. This method is derived from Ohio Rapid Assessment Method (ORAM) by some changes in some indexes and eliminating some sub-indexes. These changes are regard to the characteristics of the region Caspian Sea southern coasts wetlands. Then wetland assessment has been done by CRAM for these 3 wetlands. The results show the points, 60 for Anzali, 47 for Boojagh and 56 for Miyankaleh, and all the wetlands are level 2. Level 2 wetlands are destroyed but recoverable. Results show that conservation prioritization for wetlands are: 1-Anzali 2-Miyankaleh 3-Boojagh. Introduction
The Wetland Rapid Assessment Procedure (WRAP) is a rating index for wetland assessment. This standardized rating index can be used in combination with professional judgment to provide an accurate and consistent evaluation of wetland sites (Miller et al, 1999). In 9th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Wetlands in Uganda (2005) Rapid Assessment Method for wetlands is defined as: “a synoptic assessment, which is often undertaken as a matter of urgency, in the shortest timeframe possible to produce reliable and applicable results for its defined purpose”. Rapid assessment methods have been shown to be sensitive tools to assess anthropogenic impacts to wetland ecosystems. As such they can serve as a means to evaluate best management practices, to assess restoration and mitigation projects for wetlands and to prioritize wetlands related resource management decisions. Rapid assessment methods have central position, in mitigation programs, and they can produce correct numerical information about wetlands condition, in less time and less effort in comparison with other assessment methods (Fennessy et al, 2004).
USA Environmental Protection Agency analyzed 16 rapid assessment methods in 2004 and then selected 7 methods among them. Ohio Rapid Assessment Method (ORAM) is one of them. All of these methods...

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