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The White Collar Nature Of Environmental Crimes

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Environmental Crimes and its White-collar Nature
Ronterious Williams
Keiser University

Environmental Crimes and its White-collar Nature
Corporations, through guidance of new laws, in the future in the United States, should be held more accountable for environmental crimes, because without these new laws corporations will continue to pay meniscal fines and serve little to no time in prisons for destroying the environment in which we have to live and survive.
Corporations throughout history have lived within the protection of the government. The reason I say this is because throughout history corporations got away with literally murdering our environment by following weak laws and having very few standards. The action of corporations only changed when society began to have an issue with breathing bad air, drinking water which made us sick and chemical causing cancers and other illnesses being released into the environment. The reason this changed was due to people rising up and demanding more from our elected officials and our corporations.
A huge step forward in holding companies accountable was the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1970 by presidential order. It was President Nixon believe or not that created the agency. The reason the EPA was born was due to a fire which happen on the Cuyahoga River in Ohio in 1969. The reason the river catches fire was due to it being so polluted and just a year later Nixon signed the presidential order to create the EPA. Another by-product of the Cuyahoga River fire was the passing of the Clean Water and the great Lakes Quality Agreement and this was the beginning of having higher standards and regulations in protecting the environment thru new laws.
Another good law that was signed by President Nixon was the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1970. This act requires all federal organizations to incorporate environmental values into their policy making processes by taking into account the impact it would have on the environment and give rational options to those actions. To meet these standards federal agencies have to prepare a thorough statement known as the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). These two laws help move the progressive movement of moving the country forward in making our environment a safer place to be. Also these two laws impacted the way corporations manufactured and the methods they get rid of their waste.
Before these laws were enacted corporations conducted business without thinking about the welfare of how they were affecting the environment and the effect it would have on the lives of people in the United States and throughout the world. Because of this new framework of holding companies responsible for their indiscretions it help slow down their acts of polluting.
There are currently 18 major federal environmental laws that form the basis for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) programs. These laws deal with a number of issues,...

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