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The White Color Of The Sun

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The sun reflects a white color line that is a mixture of many different colors,the colors can be separated by a prism. The white color of the sun goes through the prism and when it comes out the prism reflects all the different colors that are able to create the sunlight. Everyday the sky is reflecting a light blue color and the cause of this is, the wavelength that each of the colors tend to have and how long it takes for them to travel,light energy travels in waves and in a straight line,but some of them have shorter wavelength than others making it easier for them to reflect their color while the others are traveling and being broken down by the air.
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The blue color of the sky is also due because of the the wavelength that the colors tend to have and how long/short it is, the longer the wavelength the longer the time it will take for the color to be able to spread all around and it will also be difficult to be shown or be able to see, and on the other hands the shorter the wavelength the more color is able to be shown and seen and the less amount of time it will take for the color to be spread out. Light energy travels in waves, the radiation energy depends on the wavelength and frequency.Light from sun might be shown as a white color,but in reality is a mixture of many different color combined and traveling in a straight line through space and making it difficult for humans to be able to see the different colors of light that are mixed in it. The sky doesn't only have a strong blue color of light,but it also has a pale kind of color of light when looking far down of the sky and those can be seen depending on the way that the person is standing and how...

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