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The White House Internship Super Cool Here Is My Easy That I Did Whitehouse Class Essay

431 words - 2 pages

To: Senior White House Staffer
From: Jacob Johnson
Date: 1-12-2017
RE: A Task Force to Stop Terrorism Before It Happens Here in America
On September 11, 2001, two planes crashed into the world trade center's killing thousands of people. This was an act of terrorism and those who were responsible would face the consequences. Since that fateful day, America has been going to war with terrorist groups and we are protecting our borders to make sure they cannot hurt the American people. Unfortunately, in the recent past, we have seen many acts of terrorism inside our borders and a task force needs to be created to stop it before it happens. We need this task force to go deeper into investigating those in America who act suspiciously of causing an act of terrorism, using online technology to find those who are supporting terrorism efforts and not adding countries who help terrorist groups. Comment by Grammarly: Deleted:a Comment by Grammarly: Deleted:e Comment by Grammarly: Deleted:,
There have been many people who have been individuals accused of jihadist terrorism and have carried out attacks. This task force will help with preventing that from happening before it does happen. Omar Mateen, had a motive to kill people and he had that...

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