The White Man's Burden And The Recessional

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The White Man's Burden and The Recessional

In “The White Man’s Burden” and in “The Recessional”, Kipling outlines his idealistic concept of empire which is based on service and sacrifice.

England sends some of their best man to defend and help India. The white man has the mission to civilize the Indians. It is their responsibility to culture them, to put them on the right path. They are there to make India a better place to live and bring the population up to date on the style of living. This journey will be hard, and a lot of sacrifice will have to be made from the Englishman. It will be difficult to be far away from their home land and their family. A lot of hard work will be needed to reach the final goal, to have a civilize and up to date India. What they will achieve will have the no reward, except for wisdom and respect from their own people. The point of the mission is not for the white man’s satisfaction, it is for the good of the Indians. The Englishman is doing all of this for the native of the country, all for their good. The Indians won’t understand what the white man is doing for them; they will see the white man as a threat. The English man will receive no gratitude or respect from the native.

The white man has to remember that they are not there to control the Indians or to take over the country but they are their help them, to bring a better life to them....

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