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Annie Besant describes the conditions of the London Match Workers as a kind of “white Slavery,” but does their condition really match those of the slaves brought to the Americas? The conditions of both reflect social debates of their times, where human beings were treated as property. I see both parallels and differences between the conditions of London’s working class and the African slaves brought to the America’sBeginning with the physical conditions of the labor each had to perform, many parallels exist between the hard labor of the British factory workers and plantation slaves. Annie Besant says, “One girl was fined 1s. for letting the web twist around the machine in an endeavor to save her fingers from being cut, and was sharply told to take care of the machine, ‘never mind your fingers’.” The slaves also faced similar harsh conditions, but in some respects may have been treated better simply because of their value as property. With little training necessary at their jobs, the owners faced little economic disincentive if a girl was injured or had to be replaced.Next are the parallels between the way the factory workers and the slaves were viewed by the upper class and the government. Annie Bessant says, “Born in slums, driven to work while still children, undersized because underfed, oppressed because helpless, flung aside as soon as worked out, who cares if the die or go on the streets, provided only that Bryant and May shareholders get their 23 percent.” This is the view from the working class; they feel as if are treated like garbage. We do not see this opinion from the factory owners or the government. The government did little at first to promote fair treatment and wages for the children or adult factory workers. Many, like Thomas Babington Macaulay, argued that without the...

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The Civil War Essay

455 words - 2 pages less than one percent of the families owned 100 or more slaves. Even many of the white Southerners who did not own slaves supported slavery. They accepted the ideas that the south's economy would collapse without slavery and that blacks were inferior to whites. However, The Kansas Nebraska Act was passed by congress in 1854. Like the compromise of 1850, it dealt with the problem of slavery in new territories. The act created the

Abolition of Slavery in the United States

1270 words - 6 pages . This change in the North meant that society evolved as people of different cultures and classes had to work together. On the other hand, the South continued to hold onto an old-fashioned social order. The people in the United States became torn between the economic benefits of slavery and the moral and inhumane issues it raised, white Southerners grew more and more defensive of slavery. The economic divisions between the North and South became

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1270 words - 5 pages Black slavery in the South created a bond among white Southerners and cast them in a common mold. Slavery was also the source of the South's large agricultural wealth, which led to white people controlling a large black minority. Slavery also caused white Southerners to realize what might happen to them should they not protect their own personal liberties, which ironically included the liberty to enslave African Americans. Because slavery was so

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1766 words - 8 pages over slaves. The treatment was undoubtedly harsh, however it was found reasonable for the morals of people in those times. Elkins even permits to jurisdiction in slavery, stating “ Murder was indeed punishable, but under circumstances peculiar to the state of slavery, not in ways applying to white society” (Elkins 58). Therefore Elkins is describing the law tangled and disabled when slavery was an issue in the courts. Furthermore, Elkins

The changes slavery made to some people!

670 words - 3 pages has corrupted human nature so that slaves can only sing when they are most sad. Douglass is amazed by the strange kindness of his new mistress, Sophia Auld. Mrs. Auld has never owned a slave before and seems untouched by the evils of slavery. Unlike other white women, she does not appreciate his subservience and does not punish him for looking her in the eye. She was very nice that Douglass described her face as it “was made of heavenly smiles, and

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433 words - 2 pages The Abolitionist movement in America was an effort to end slavery in a nation that valued freedom and believed “all men are created equal. (“Abolitionist Movement”)And abolitionists were of both white and black race. slavery first started in the United states in the year 1619 at Jamestown, Virginia. And the first slave ship that was built in the United States first launched from Massachusetts in 1636. Abolitionists believed that slavery was a

How the dred scott case affected the lincoln-douglas debates

1209 words - 5 pages well-known Democrat who planned on being the Democratic presidential nominate. Both Lincoln and Douglas had very different political views about slavery. Douglas's strategy was to frame Lincoln as someone who wanted black people to have completely equal rights to whites and emancipate slavery. Douglas was a white supremacist and believed blacks should not be citizens. He believed that slavery should be a local problem and that people should

Abolishing Slavery in America

1646 words - 7 pages profit and be successful for some. When President Lincoln and Congress proposed the removal of slavery, many in the South became upset by this. After all, who was a white northerner to tell a southern plantation owner what he can and cannot do on his land hundreds of miles away? The North did not understand how important slavery was to the Southern economy. The removal of slavery would soon destroy the South’s economy, much to the North’s success

Origins Of Slavery

612 words - 2 pages Origins of Slavery Slavery remains one of the most debated topics among politics and ethics even in today's society. However, today slavery does not play a key role in deciding our political desires as it did in the 1800's. Although, slavery has occurred throughout time, dating from the Roman Empire to present-day Africa, slavery is an issue that affects people from all over the world. Numerous debates have taken place about the effects

The Nation Is Aware of the Abolotionist Movement

927 words - 4 pages felt towards slavery, but he grew impatient with his employer’s little action to go against slavery. Garrison found his own weekly newspaper, the liberator. Garrison was harsh when he was talking about slavery and he knew it, he said he was going to be as harsh as the truth. He also said opponents of slavery should see slavery as the black man does, not talk about how slavery was affecting white society, they should talk about the damage slavery

Abe Lincoln and Slavery

643 words - 3 pages senate. They held three debates, Lincoln strongly favoring abolition while Douglas stayed at a position in which he believed in white supremacy saying, “I am not in favor of Negro equality”. At this point in his life Lincoln was a leading abolitionist and fully fledged against slavery. Lincoln lost the election by a slim margin but didn’t even stop fighting; in fact the fight had just begun. Lincoln was elected to run for the Republican president

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1760 words - 8 pages White slavery is a Progressive Era term used to loosely describe the entrapment, transportation, and supply of women and children for the use of sexual slavery. Many of the women who were part of white slavery were forced into it this trade against their will. These women and children became enslaved into prostitution and transported domestically within the United States and internationally. Efforts to control white slavery can be seen as early

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816 words - 3 pages Lawrence R. Tenzer has devoted a great deal of time and energy tostudying what he believes is a sadly overlooked aspect of the slavery issueand its impact on the minds of Northerners and Southerners alike. This isthe topic of white slavery. Tenzer argues that many contemporaries knew itexisted and were deeply shocked. This helped to lead them to oppose theextension of slavery into the western territories and thus was a significantcause of the

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