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Dharam SAC Final – Creative Essay
I feel down from the force of my uncle’s hand, it was hard, rough and dry as it hit my face towards the dry, paan stained floor. I stood up and looked at Uncle Balram for a second and thought, I’ll get you back for that. He sat down with me and told me he was sorry. I met his master who was big bellied and well fed, although intimidating he was like a baby. He had well soiled lips and hazelnut eyes that complemented his slick black hair, the type of black you’d only see in the rich’s hair, and the poor’s water. The Ganga had been an important part of my life, I was made to pick up rubbish from it for things to seel or eat, so I always respected it and all that it had provided me, and because of it I found a respect for floor cleaners in tea shops, oh how I envied them, the colour black was my favourite colour from my first day of working.
Uncle later brought me to a local tea shop where the air was fresh and clean compared to where I use to work, where spiders crawl and the poor talk. My uncle told me to tell him my eight-times table, but unlike him I didn’t really care about maths, I only cared about learning more about the world, from the blue, free birds on top of the tea shop, too the American tourists that visited them. The one’s next to us were talking about American culture and about how India should be more like them, I agreed, their culture seemed incredible and free, everyone had a ‘fair go’ and as they said it, “America is the freest, and most developed country in the world”, there English was incredible hard to understand but I eventually got the hang of their accents. One of my aunties had taught me whenever she had the chance, she had apparently been to England before, where she met her husband at the age of 12, she could’ve escaped from the poor world but her family had to pay the husbands family of the new bride to be. She had also taught me about a game called basketball, she had all the other kids and myself learn the rules and fun of the game, although since I was the oldest I always won, ha! I wonder if uncle knows how to play, I’m sure I can beat him!
I looked up to see my uncle, zoned out, after a cleaner had gone past underneath us, pushing away dirty water and rubbish from underneath our shoes, and to believe I use to look up to them. I slapped him hard to wake him up again and he looked at me dumb founded, then he took me home and acted like I didn’t just hit him, maybe he was embarrassed? When we got home I went to my bed on the ground and got an old T-shirt I had brought with me after I was sent to Balram to deliver the letter, he didn’t take it too well. I scrunched up the shirt and threw it directly on the spot a pillow would be, right above the sheets from where I slept, Score! I woke up later that night to the screech of my uncle in the mosquito net, the room was full of them, guess that’s why it’s called a mosquito net. I walked in rubbing my eyes and slapping away the many...

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858 words - 4 pages about his brothers wedding night, to his heterosexual feelings toward Pinky Madam, or his abnormal closeness to Mr. Ashok. Overall, there is master - servant unintentionally encourages homosexuality. Conclusion: The White Tiger provides a large amount of opportunities for homosexuality to be explored through the master - servant relationship. India’s Caste system creates an environment that unintentionally encourages homosexuality. The close relationship most masters and servants have allow them to feel yet repress this urges.

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