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The Whitney Museum Essay

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The Collection exhibits that marks the arrival of a new millennium at the Whitney Museum of American Art, primarily includes pieces of installation art and contemporary photographs. The Whitney Museum of American Art, also recognized as the fortress of American Art, offers the public the opportunity to witness the history of art in America for the last one hundred years. The museum’s collection is a reflection of their commitment to exhibit the Whitney's dedication to art in modern-day America.
The museum’s founder Gertrude V. Whitney, a patron of the arts; was well-regarded sculptor as well as a serious art collector. Originally created the "Whitney Studio Club," a New York–based exhibition created in 1918 to promote the works of avant-garde and unrecognized American artists. After collecting almost 700 works of American Artists, she offered then as a donation to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1929. The refusal of the Metropolitan Museum to accept her donation, the favoritism for European modernism due to the opening of the Museum of Modern Art, led Whitney to open her own museum, which would be destiny to exhibit American Art, in 1931. The museum was originally located by West Eighth Street. In 1950 moved it location to a small structure behind the Museum of Modern Art. To finally settled in 1966 at the southeast corner of Madison Avenue at 75th Street in Manhattan's Upper East Side. The present building, was build by Marcel Breuer and Hamilton P. Smith with a distinctively modern style, is easily distinguished from the neighbors by its staircase façade made from granite stones and its external upside-down windows.
The examples from the Whitney collection for the year 2000 have several elements in common; they are simple, realistic and unassuming in essence. These contemporary artists did not observe any specific standards or a criterion’s to create these pieces. The examples are representations in which all these artists imagine and create their own style. They include components of way of life, the incorporation of video throughout installation art, contemporary photographs and the abstract portray of a galaxy. Also characterizing these examples is the eclecticism in materials and imagery, combinations of painting in single works, and realistic photographs. This reflects a resurgence of realism, and very little use of other periods and works of art. In these examples the artists created their own form of art; they embraced total freedom of expression by abandoning the traditional...

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