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The main problems with many books are you get one point of view; the author’s. Even when the author asks outside sources the book will be formatted, put together and transitioned as the author sees best. The author can lead you and manipulate how you see the situation and control to a point how you feel should be simpazied with. These factors give a story the ability to be retold miltuible times, and each time will feel unique. The books I read in my politics class are all written about the Vietnam War. However, the books are written from different setting, times, personalities, and positions, which make the stories, appear to be from distinctly different locations.
Some of the books were set the war zone of Vietnam. The places in which you are positioned determined what experiences you would have. Even if they were in the same location P.O.W.s, foot soldiers, reporters, and airmen have different experiences. Your knowledge of the war and how you attained to knowledge was different. Your reason for fighting, point of view and the amount to which you were shielded varied, giving your story original and fresh feel; the same, but different from the stories like yours.
The Vietnam War progressed over the years. So, the years that you served changed what you would experience and see. The differences between the veteran’s experiences bring to mind a question of how they can all relate to one another and if any of them truly understands each other’s experiences. How can a shelter reporter understand the life of a foot solider? In turn how can a foot solider understand the life of a Vietminh? Do the Vietminh have any idea what is like to be America soldier’s mother when they cannot figure out the complexity of their only government and people?
The jumble of cultures, secrets, and morals made the Vietnam War confusing for everyone involved. Families and comrades did not have time to figure out the war. They were busy worrying and trying to stay alive. Living meant flight for man next to you and following your county blindly. If you did not have strong morals, you would be tossed around like the waves of the sea. Siding with whoever felt right at the moment.
The depressing part about it all as that many people were not given to time to mature to the person they were supposed to be. People were thrown in a war with more responsible in one day than they had in their hold life. Many were not ready for the mount of responsibility that was placed on their shoulders, so when they were pushed, they fell; never finding their wing. People paid for their mistakes with their lives and the lives of others. They had to pay even though they did not want this war.
Many of them were sent like lambs to the slaughter. The government they relied on and believed in their whole lives did not prepare or explain to them what was happening. So, they experienced a Darwinian view of life: Survivor of the fittest, mentally and physically. The lucky few who had connections...

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