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The Wicca Religion Essay

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The Wicca ReligionThe term Wicca means "to bend or alter" from the Old English dictionary. Wicca is a nature based religion that worships the One Power (the Creating Intelligence), in its feminine and masculine aspects, the Goddess and the God. In the most fundamental sense, the female and male Gods are recognized in their primal nature; the female in a pure receptive force, and the male in a pure masculine force. Wiccans believe that the One Power is inside everything and everyone. It is interesting to note that Wicca incorporates the deities of many cultures, past and present. Wiccans believe that the Gods worshipped by all peoples throughout history are the equivalent expressions of similar Goddesses and Gods in many cultures. This religion has a connection to Shamanism and Animism; it has a pre-monotheistic background. There is also a strong sense of feminism; in fact the majority of practitioners are women.After the One power, which is the highest level of divinity in Wicca, the Goddess and God follow, on a subsequent, subordinate level. The Goddess and God also have five dissimilar, distinctive, yet equivalent qualities. The Goddess has three facets, which correspond to three stages of a women's life. These three parts represent different factions of the Goddess; she is sometime referred to as the triple-faced Goddess. The First aspect is the Maiden or the Virgin, a young strong female sometimes viewed as the huntress. The next characteristic of the Goddess is the Mother, fertile, caring, and loving; yet she can be vengeful against any threat concerning her offspring. The Crone is the last female trait of the Goddess; a wise old woman who has lived a lifetime, full of experience and knowledge. There are two aspects to the male God, the Young King and the Old King. The Young King is thought of as playful and also a hunter. The most popular form of the Young King in Wicca is the Celtic God Cernunnos. He is referred to as the Horned God; he is considered a complement to the Goddess. Cernunnos is also the bringer of death. The Old King is similar to the female Crone, old and wise. Underneath the Goddess and God are a multitude of lesser Goddess and Gods that may be use in ritual or worship, corresponding to a particular group or local.These divine and diverse aspects of Wicca are attractive to many people, weary of traditional religions. Another thing that draws many people to Wicca is the fact that there is no dogma, as there is in organized religion. There are no set rules on how to run a coven, the basic gathering unit of Wicca. However there are three 'laws' that they should adhere to, in order to be respectable Wiccans. The first law is known as the Wiccan Rede which states: "An ye...

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