The Wide Possibilities Of Nanotechnology Essay

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In the past decades, the field of science and technology evolved, and flourished with many inventions and advancements. Everyday, our science community continues to come up with new ideas to improve the world, especially in nanotechnology industry. The technologies that scientists have developed have greatly impacted the world. New technological discoveries are constantly being made in this this field, and projects are underway that will soon be used in the future years. The expansion of nanotechnology will improve the lives of many citizens because scientists are currently implementing the findings into the environment, engine oil industry, and medical field.
As of today, the environment is endangered by many threatening warnings. By applying nanotechnology, the surroundings will become more sanitary to live in. Recently, European Union announced that it would be funding a new nanotechnology project to minimize air pollution. The gauge will allow people to control the air quality at home, work, and in cars (Clark). Also, European Union is “aiming to create a product that can be manufactured cost-effectively, on an industrial scale, and which avoids endangering the health of production workers or the release of harmful chemicals into the environment" (Cave). The significance is that it opened endless possibilities for the scientists to improve the world by applying new technology. European Union presented that there is a chance for the polluted cities to monitor the air quality. Due to the mass pollution in the world, having nanotechnology inventions, such as this, will not only reduce contamination, but also decrease the exposure of lethal chemicals to people. In addition, using new technology could help reduce the waste by storing the solar energy after the sun has set. According to the scientists at MIT and Harvard University, they discovered an astonishing technique “to store solar energy in molecules that can be used as fuel to heat homes or used for cooking” (Breyer). The scientists suggested that the molecules could act as rechargeable thermal batteries by attaching carbon nanotubes to photoswitching chemical compound. This shows that these technologies are ecological products. While the creations will help the environment, many people’s houses will be powered by renewable energy source. Therefore, Google should be thinking about creating something that will solve the environmental issues. The company will then make an enormous impact on the future of nanotechnology.
Along with environmental factors, nanotechnology can improve the engine oil industry since it affects the environment in many ways. Using nanotechnology will help the engine oil industry to reduce its worst impacts on the climate change. For instance, Tesla Motors announced its plans to build the world’s largest battery factory. The car company wants to reduce carbon emissions into the air since it wants to utilize green energy sources such as, solar and wind. Thus, the cars...

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