The Widespread Use Of Offshore Wind Turbines For Low Carbon Power Generation

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As a country develops, its hunger for the power grows. More Power generated means more green house gases produced. Pollution must be stopped and for that, safe methods of power generation are required. UK is a developed country with large power consumption and contributes in pollution. Search for low carbon power generators led them to use wind power in which energy is developed in more natural means. So the use of offshore turbines became popular in UK.

The advantages of offshore wind turbines are many as it harness the energy of air over the sea and convert to electricity. This is done by wind power. No fuel is needed to operate the turbine which gives a huge advantage over the fossil fuels. As we know the wind blow over the ocean is greater than over the land, so the efficiency of offshore turbines will increase. Another advantage is that it does not require a land, but traditional power stations require a large area and lofty facilities to produce power, and this costs a lot. The onshore wind power stations must be built on a ground where the wind blow is high so that it may occupy an area of rich resources, residential or historically valuable leaving them unavailable for the main purpose. When the use of offshore wind turbines increases, onshore power stations and land can be used for other important purposes. Wind turbines make a large noise when operating. So it does pollute the air. Furthermore, there will be frequent deaths and injuries to birds flying through turbines. Offshore turbines will do away with these problems entirely as birds won't fly over ocean and noise of the turbines will not come to the shores. Wind farm industry is rapidly growing in UK. British renewable-energy trade association announced UK has reached the milestone of five gigawatts of installed wind power offshore (,...

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