The Wild Girl. A Review On This Book Authored By Michelle Roberts.

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The Wild Girlwritten by Michele RobertsReviewed by Anah Baker.Curiosity led me into choosing this book for my review. The picture of a faceless woman, naked from the neck down to the waist, painted in white cracked statue-like colour, long thick golden brown hair hanging over her right side breasts down to the abdominal filled the front cover of this book giving it a strong mysterious statement.The statement, to my perception was bold and may have represented a spiritual feminine movement and so inspired me to read on. My curiosity grew larger as I read the quotes on the back cover.Times Literary Supplement quotes:"In the parched soil of Provence a fifth gospel has beendiscovered, giving Mary Magdalene's account of Jesus'teaching and her relationship with him. This is a book ofrevelation, for it unveils a new and radical Christianity,one which celebrates the spirituality of women equally tothat of men. It is also a passionate story of love anddiscovery, of separation and rebirth, centred on Mary asthe wellspring of womanhood".I found myself drawn to forfill my curiosity on how Mary manages in the Roman days to carry the spirituality of women equally to that of men and also if she was one of the first to initiate equality between the genders. Moreover, I wanted to know who Mary Magdalene really was away from all other interpretations of her.The Wild Girl is written by Michele Roberts and published by Vintage (1999), initially published in Great Britain (1984) by Methuen London Ltd. She is the author of eight highly acclaimed novels including 'Daughters of the House' (1992) which won the WH Smith Literally Award and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. She has also published a collection of short stories and three collections of poetry. Michele Roberts lives in London and Mayenne, France. She pays strong acknowledgements to the women of Greenham Common whose loving struggle helped spark off this novel.For the purposes of this review, this book was also chosen because Roberts presented issues concerning contributing factors to how women were positioned and ought to be or shaped by, in this case, the Christianity context. Interestingly, her account of Mary's life transformation relates to women all over on their struggle to be valued in a societal system that is strongly ruled by males.Roberts' powerfully aims at neutralising the stigma that followed Mary Magdalene being the sinful woman who annoints Christ. By choosing the tradition of centuries, that is, the spinning of stories around a composite character as her method to write this book, she inspires those searching to reclaim an interest. Roberts purpose of writing this book was to dissect a myth, but she found herself recreating one at the same time. One important source of idea she uses in her book came from the Nag Hammadi gospels. These gospels gave rise to her imagination on what an alternative version of Christianity might have been like. Because the gospels were hard to read and...

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