The Wild Turkey Sucess Story Essay

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What I’ve learned about the wild turkey success story is that the wild turkey is one of the most significant wildlife restoration successes in North American history. This species of bird has not only been restored to almost all of its family range, but has been successful to suitable habitats elsewhere on the continent. The story of the wild turkey is a cause for thanksgiving among the people who support the environment. And not just at this time of year. The reason is that the wild turkey about became extinct in America in the years between 1900 and 1930. But with careful planning, stocking programs and support between conservation and hunting groups, it has made a remarkable comeback.
Wild turkey populations went as low as 30,000 all over the country in the 1930s, now the wild turkey totals between 4 million and 7 million, with flocks in 49 out of 50 states. Wild turkeys are successful in most of their range and even in areas where they did not live before. They’ve overcome loss of habitat and past practices of overhunting. The wild turkey has proved that environmental damage caused by humans can be overturned if people choose to work as a team.
Because they’ve made such a comeback they have grown larger in their size. They can get to be 36-48 inches long the, have a wingspan of 57 inches and weigh up to 25 pounds. They can fly as fast as 55mph and run...

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