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The Will Essay

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The will of God is a mysterious thing. One which no man fully understands and too many delude themselves into believing that they do. We cannot escape it, nor can we discover the secret to deciphering it. Man lacks the omniscience. As a mortal, finite creature, humans find it impossible to access the infinite in a complete understanding. Like an android attempting to understand what it is to hope or feel disappointment, man is not wired to understand God, nor His will. But we can and are called to trust in it. The highest calling of man is to trust that God will reveal His will appropriately and then obey whatever that may be. What is most interesting about this highly provocative and volatile subject is that in the past fifty years it lost its respectability with Christians in certain groups. Evidence surfaces most clearly in the realm of prayer and requests made to God to believe that many Christians no longer depend upon God's will. Through new incarnations of old, ludicrous doctrine, it has been suggested that Christians should no longer pray God's will."Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done," Christ once said as a guide for His followers in their own prayers. However, to pray for the 'will of God' in a given situation for many comes across as weak and even cowardly. I, myself, have felt the tinge of spinelessness when saying "Your will be done, my Lord," instead of demanding, pleading, willing what I think should happen. This thinking transforms requests to God into the equivalent of a child running through the toy store grabbing at every item on the shelves. Like a toddler, ignoring its father's exhortations "Don't touch" or "Be careful," many lunge after the "Yes" answers to their prayers.The idea behind this is that Christians, as the children of God, will receive from their loving Father what they ask if they ask faithfully. "Just have...

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