The Will To Succeed Essay

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Motivation is the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way according to Google. The three milers in The Perfect Mile attempt to achieve the four-minute mile, and they each have different forms of motivation. There are two milers that achieve success because their motive impelled them to prevail. What is motivation?
Some forms of inspiration are driven from defeat. The Garden City’s football team’s catalyst before their football game was, “Having lost to the rival Red Devils in each of the past two seasons was motivation enough for Garden City, Which rolled to a 68-20 victory that ended by the 45-point mercy rule late in the fourth quarter”(Whitson 1). Having lost ...view middle of the document...

He craved to face the finest, so he would prove his running career as the superlative miler. Then he would realize that he had spent his time and effort towards something meaningful.
Some people are ambitious like Bannister, but generally most people are like Landy; they perform preeminently when they are under the influence of others. Landy performance is enhanced when he is competing against others. “For me to drive myself… I could do it up to a point, but there was something about competition that raised the bar…. It’s like someone pulls you along”(Bascomb 158). Landy does not run with quality when alone because he does not have someone to beat. He does not have the mental capability of increasing his pace without squandering his energy. Landy is not competitive whenever he is by himself, and his opponents bring this out of him. Competition affects the way you perform also. The Garden City football team has one rival that brings out the talent within their team, “We haven’t played a lot of real good teams this year, and Rankin is by far one of the best teams we’ve played. It just gives you confidence knowing you can play with the big boys”(Whitson 2). The Rankin football team amplified their will to win because they aspired to be the best around. This gave the football team something to train for and look forward to. This is when the Garden City Football team places everything out on the field and gives a 110%. This is the last challenger they will face till playoffs, so their mental and physical ability is going to rise. Teammates encourage you physically and mentally by having the individual’s back, and they set a high standard for their teammate. “I just remember thinking it always helped me when you were playing for a team”(Rutherford 2). This hockey player agrees because each player has strengths and weaknesses. This person will strive to be better than his or her teammate, so his or her coach will increase the players playing time. This not only benefits being as an athlete but in the world also. It gives a person a respectable mind set by showing the individual that he or she can work at something and it produces wholesome results. Jackie Robinson’s team was not the Los Angeles Dodgers, it was his race. He was not supported by his teammates at first because of his color. The Caucasian baseball players did not think that he was good enough and they did not think he deserved to play on the same field as him(Helgeland 2013). His race was always supporting him at every one of his games. The Caucasian race urged him to try harder and this made him a better athlete. He sought to prove to them that African American baseball players were just as talented as or better than Caucasian baseball athletes. The Caucasian’s racist views are what made Jackie Robinson the kind of athlete he is. Each miler in The Perfect Mile had someone who did not believe or support them in their passion. For Bannister it was the critics and for Landy and Santee...

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