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The Wind Turbine Market And Wind Energy As A Long Term Source Of Power Generation

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Over the past three years the global wind turbine market has seen explosive growth in terms of competitors, capacity investments, and project orders as the industry races to keep up with booming global demand. Scaling exponentially in nearly all dimensions including the size of turbines, projects, and buyers .The growth in the last few years was primarily driven by developments in China and the US, but other markets are also starting to emerge on the wind energy map, the industry is generating enormous opportunities for all players, as well as challenges to improve competitiveness and position wind energy as a long-term reliable source of power generation.
• The Intensity of Competitive Rivalry
Although the wind turbine industry is very attractive, it has remained a relatively exclusive market due to the high level of technology and capital risk. A large amount of technical know-how is required to design a feasible turbine. Large amounts of capital then required to build manufacturing plants capable of producing the turbine blades and nacelles. All of that lead to the number of players in the wind energy market when it comes to providing fully integrated service to few, the biggest players in the wind sector is GE, Vestas and Siemens and they alone control 40% from the market share. The market share is determined more by manufacturing capacity than by competitive strategies, cost, or product positions. High levels of product innovation, high switching costs and the high rate growing in movement to renewable energy can looks like the internal rivalry force is low, but we think that this force can be termed as medium as there is sufficient scope available in the industry for all the existing players. And nowadays companies engaged in providing fully integrated service provides are multinational companies with strong base in engineering design and project management skills. In order to keep their market power and even to increase it in the future Siemens will have to display strong knowledge in the field of wind energy, and project management skills which the company...

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