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Bless Me, Ultima is a novel written by Rudolfo Anaya about a young boy, Antonio’s, transition from childhood to becoming a young man. With the help of Ultima Antonio faces and overcomes many tough obstacles and decisions and ultimately creates his own future.
Throughout the novel Antonio’s innocence is tested by his witness to both death and sexuality, which are things that a child of his age should not witness. With the culmination of these events the reader can infer that by the end of the novel Antonio completely lost his innocence. The first major life changing event for Antonio was the murder of Lupito. Lupito’s last words were spoken to Antonio and he said, “Bless me—” (22). It ...view middle of the document...

As a child Antonio must make some life changing choices dealing with himself and his family. He must choose what side of his family he wants to identify with: the Luna and the Marez. The Luna’s are his mother’s family and they are farmers who worship the moon and the earth. Even their planting and harvesting schedules revolve around the moon. On the other hand there is also Antonio’s father’s side the Marez. The Marez are vacqueros who are devoted to the llano and are always looking for adventure. Antonio is being pressured from every direction about this decision. His three older brothers have already chosen to follow the path of a Marez, and once they returned from war the quickly left home without their father to explore on their own. Since the three brothers chose the path of the Marez, Antonio’s mother feels that Antonio must chose the path of the Luna’s and become a priest. But Antonio finds qualities in both families in which he can identify with. Ultimately Ultima helps to teach Antonio that he can be equal parts Luna and Marez if he chooses.
Another conflict that Antonio is faced with is the differing cultures between the community that he was raised in and the rest of the world. The first time that Antonio was introduced to this difference was when he went to school. In the past at home Antonio has grown up speaking in only Spanish, and his family follows typical Spanish customs. While at school Antonio is expected to learn how to speak and write in English, when he could not even write his first name on the first day of school. On the first day of class Antonio brought a typical Spanish lunch consisting of a small jar of hot beans and tortillas, and as soon as all of the other children saw what Antonio had brought they laughed at him, because all of the white students parents packed them a typical bagged lunch consisting of sandwiches. Antonio was extremely embarrassed and decided to leave the classroom and eat his lunch outside. Once Antonio fully learned to speak English his mother made him recite all of his prayers he must know for his catechism in English to show...

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