The Witches: A Fictional Narrative Essay

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Elizabeth wakes up in a dank, dark cell. She looks around, wandering where she is. She tries to stand but realizes she is chained to a cold, damp wall.)

Elizabeth: Where am I? How did I get here?

( She thinks hard and tries to remember. When she can't remember, she slumps against the damp wall.)

Elizabeth: I can't remember! I don't know what I did! How long have I been here?

(She gets up and tries to pace the cell but the chains stop her and she falls.)

Elizabeth: Do I have to be chained to this wall?

(After a few hours, the sun starts setting and she hears a whisper, almost inaudible.)

Elizabeth: What is that?

(listening closely, making sure to stop her breathing so she can hear.)

Mercy: Pst! Elizabeth! Over here! (She puts her arms through the bars and motions Elizabeth towards her.) It is me, Mercy! Come here, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I can't, Mercy. I'm chained to this wall and can't move! Both my arms and legs are chained! (She lifts her hands to show Mercy the chains.)

Mercy: Of course you can't move with handcuffs on. Why did you get arrested?

Elizabeth: Arrested!

(stunned to hear this news she drops to the ground, then slowly the memory of the night before unfolds.

Elizabeth: Oh, Mercy, you have to try and get me out of here.

Elizabeth: (starts sobbing into her hands but knows she needs to get her self together.)

Mercy: Elizabeth? Were you reading my spell books again?

(Mercy puts her head in her hands.)

Mercy: I told you not to do that where people could find you! I knew you'd be caught!

(After Mercy speaks, a man walks in and hears what she told Elizabeth.)

Man: What! You're working with the witch! I must tell! I must tell!
( He runs out of the prison.)

Elizabeth: Now you're going to be accused of witchcraft! You'll meet the same fate as I will! We'll be hanged, Mercy!
(She sobs again. After a while, she sees Mercy, who is still sitting there, shocked.)

Elizabeth: Mercy! Run before they find you! If you don't, you'll surely be hanged!

Mercy: No, Elizabeth! I will stand and face my crime.

Elizabeth: What crime! You did not commit a crime. Run before you run out of time!

(The man returns with a witch judge. He points accusingly at Mercy.)

Man: She's working with the witch! She's a witch! She should be hanged!

Witch Judge: We'll hang them when the bell rings at noon tomorrow! There will be no witches in my Salem!
(He and the man grab Mercy and handcuff her.)

Witch Judge: Throw her in the dungeon! No, in a separate one! We don't need them plotting to use their magicks against us!

(After Mercy is thrown into her cell, the two men leave, leaving her in darkness, alone.)

Mercy: What if I'm found guilty? What if they do find my spell books and........What about Elizabeth! She doesn't even practice witchcraft. What will I do?

( Meanwhile, in Elizabeth's cell, she is still sobbing for her friend.)

Elizabeth: She will surely be hanged tomorrow for this evil as will I! I'm...

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