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The Wizard Of Oz By Frank, Alice In Wonder Land By Lewis Carroll, The Hobbit By J.R.R. Tolkien This Essay Was Written In Comparison As Requested By My Instructor

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"The Wizard of Oz"By L. Frank Baum"Alice in Wonder Land"By Lewis Carroll"The Hobbit"By J.R.R. TolkienThe Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonder Land and The Hobbit are great fantasies. All three stories have something in common. The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonder Land are about a little girl and imagination. Baum did a great job of taking every day reality and things and making them into fantasy. The novel also contained a great deal of suspense. In some instances the story may even contain some horror to a child because of the wicked witch. Alice in Wonder Land was a bit different type of fantasy because Carroll didn't use much of everyday reality.Overall, The Wizard of Oz was a good and exciting fantasy the good always out weighed the bad. The imagination of a child made whole story more of a fantasy than anything else. Without imagination there would be no existence of fantasy.The theme of the novel was about a little girl who took all of her fears and fantasies and dreamed them into one dream. Dorothy's biggest fears were of witches and she had thought about them so much that she probably bothered her aunt Em about the subject to a point that aunt Em had told her that witches do not exist.Dorothy probably wanted all her fascinations to be reality and to prove to her aunt Em that witches actually do exist. While Dorothy was in this deep state of unconsciousness she actually believed that all of what was happening was in real life and wasn't a dream. Dorothy absolutely refused to hear that all that she was telling her aunt Em and uncle Henry was only a dream. Dorothy wanted all of her fascinations to be reality.Dorothy probably had the same fantasies as most children. Dorothy probably fantasized about little people but not as much as witches; this probably was where munchkins fit into the story the munchkins were only at the beginning and end of the novel. Dorothy also linked magic with the munchkins because with magic things are not reality. During the part of the story that contained the munchkins things were different colors, not the colors that you would see on a every day basis. At the end of the story one of the munchkins rode a horse that changed colors.Magic had a great deal of making this novel a great fantasy. All children fantasize about magic and all the things that can be done with it. I think that Dorothy's imagination with all these thoughts and fears of witches she fantasized about a good witch to use her magic to ease her fears and make them go away.The Wizard of Oz helped create the genre fantasy because it was an older book. I don't recall many books written before this one that had fantasy that you can relate to that includes every day reality and objects such as the tornado, scarecrow, woodman made of tin and a lion. The Wizard of Oz probably led to fantasies being written like Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Mary Poppins and Jack and The Bean Stalk.The book, unlike the movie was a better version of The Wizard of Oz because it...

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968 words - 4 pages try to run away and isn’t dreaming” but it merely “confronts by accident a fantastic world contagious with and just as real as ¬¬Kansas”. This fantasy aspect is what makes this novel one of the most memorable fantasy’s in history. In the introduction, Baum said, “...the story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was written to pleasure children today”4. If the story was written to pleasure kids, then it should be molded around what a young audience

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